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Someplace Sunny A.Cabrera

No description

Angie Cabrera

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Someplace Sunny A.Cabrera

Someplace Sunny Over-view Ally Trey Chelsea John Rising Action Grandma Mae A teenage girl; Ally who lives with her grandmother and had a passion for surfing. But when she decides to take lessons to start from the beginning, a handsome boy catches her eye. All goes well until a "perfect girl" who's got the body, the skills, and the words has her eye on him too. All Ally has to do is be herself and shrug it off. Will he still notice her? Or did she just luck out? Ally is a seventeen year old girl who lives in a small town in North Carolina with her grandmother. She had a passion for surfing when she was young but when something tragic happened in her life she starts over completely and begins surfing again. When Ally starts surfing lessons she meets a boy named Trey who she falls head over heels for. Shes a tall girl with brunette hair and loves the outdoors. Ally is a fun, caring, and loving girl. She also has a secret to her that no one knows about. Trey is a tall, tan, very fit surfing coach. He helps Ally get through her surfing lessons, and also helps Ally get through rough times even though he's dealing with his own tough times. Trey is stuck between finding something true or walking into a big mess. Ally starts a new life in a new town. She begins surfing lessons again and she begins to have feelings for her surf coach Trey. Ally goes to surfing lessons three times a week, but because of those feelings she goes to the lessons just about everyday. John is Ally's older brother. He was seventeen when he died in a tragic car accident. Ally was devastated when she found out. She gave up on everything. John was a fun and caring brother to Ally. He always watched out for her. He is never forgotten and will never be. Grandma Mae is Ally's grandmother and guardian. Even though she's old she has a heart of gold and always makes sure Ally's out of harms way. Grandma Mae is a mother figure to Ally. She's very loving, and loves her quiet country home. Grandma Mae is always there for Ally. Climax Ally and Trey were doing fine as close friends but then Chelsea begins surfing lessons too. Chelsea begins to get in the way of everything Trey and Ally. She gossips about Ally and how terrible she is which traces back to Trey and when he finds something out about Ally it just brings them further apart. This is when Chelsea thinks she wins. Citation Photos:
Resolution Chelsea finds out that she has to move to New York (the reason is a secret). But after what Trey found out he's afraid to trust Ally. But does he really know the truth? Or is he just another gossip believer? When he really finds out it's his decision to forgive Ally. But what he does know is that if he leaves Ally she'll always be there for him like he was for her. Chelsea Chelsea is all about boys. She's popular, has a great body, and a good personality.
Chelsea is tall,blonde, and perfect. She knows what she wants and she knows she'll get it.
Chelsea hates Ally. Just knowing that Trey is interested in Ally makes her blood boil.
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