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Pros and Cons of Media Censorship

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Lim Wei Yek

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Media Censorship

Issues and Background to the debate
Social Significance of the debate
Thesis Statement
Different Opinions towards Media censorship

Pros and Cons of Media Censorship
Definition of Media Censorship :-
Controversy and Limitation of content in the media.

Forms of media involved :-
Any form of communication systems

Purpose of the Censorship?
Avoid influences of unethical and immoral habits or messages towards the society.

What started the
debate of this
1. Huge decrease in morality among the society

misused of foul words in daily conversations even in unnesscary conditions
2. For political reasons

Controversial of political power
"Dirty" tricks used in Election
3. Misinterpretation which influenced development of the young

Family from different backgrounds have different point of view in their etiquette
Whether they are open minded or restrictive
Importance of Censorship in Media?

to restrict exposure of inappropriate ideas towards the children and immature individuals
to ensure nation security
to prohibit discriminatory opinions (Pillai, 2012)
But, how does Censorship affect the society?

Limit the development of knowledge to the society
Mishandling of the political issues by the government via media (Kulkarni, 2011)
Does media censorship brings inconvenience to the society?

Yes. Censorship of media causes the society to struggle from differing their human rights.
-> Restriction of freedom
-> Restriction of entertainment
Supporting Argument 1 :

~Censorship is against human rights

unable to gain more detailed knowledge or information from media due to the controversy of media
Individual's thoughts towards political issues is strictly limited. (Meringer, n.d.)
In general, Media controls all the information which can cause mislead from it's original point.
Supporting Argument 2 :
~Loss of Entertainment Value

Causes boredom of books or even movies and games
Could not escape from life's frusfration
Low creativity

Opposing Idea :
~However, Censorship prevents the corruption of children.

Censorship restricts vulgarities shown in the media.
-discourage the usage of foul words in daily life
Censorship limits the amount of violence.
Censors pornographic material
-to maintain childhood innocence

Refutation : Partially Agree
-> I partially agree that censorship is somewhat necessary in our world to shield graphic content from the children

From some perspective, this may be true.

The society,
are able to get more knowledge and updated information
have rights to express their point of view
have rights to participate in political issues
-> For the development of country
would not rely on news or reports


I uphold my stand by declaring that censorship
Bring difficulties to the society by :

Restricting human rights
Controlling entertainment level

Presented by : Lim Wei Yek

Lecturer's Name : Ms. Hani
The End.

Thank You for your precious time.

Hope you Enjoyed it =D

Absence of media Censorship should
be fully blamed for polluting an individual's thoughts.

this statement,
Television programmes can
programme schedule
, to display movies or shows with explicit contents in the
, where the children are normally asleep.

Social Network sites like Youtube, probably have
Age Filtering
Parenting Filter
. (Self Censorship)

Some western countries are
less judgemental
, and
more open minded
, to accept the explicit contents in the media. What is inappropriate for us is not necessarily inappropriate for them.

people won't have problem being influenced by negative thoughts, since their strong mindset acts as a
'Defensive barrier'
against all the knowledge they don't agree with.
Reference list :-

Kulkarni, A. (2011, September 23). Media Censorship Pros and Cons. Buzzle.
Retrieved from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/media-censorship-pros-and-cons.html

Meringer, D. (n.d.). The Censorship Debate. Fazed. Retrieved from

Pillai, P. (2012, July 12). Pros and Cons of Censorship. Buzzle. Retrieved from

If people are willing to get the info despite censorship, their knowledge will increase significantly.
New source of information
New way of getting knowledge

Furthermore, censorship
limits our knowledge because if a
new idea

defies our central values
we automatically resist it and put an end to it if it contradicts us.
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