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Copy of Women's Perspectives Research Assignment

Mary mackillop,my grandma and me

Paige Mignone

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Women's Perspectives Research Assignment

About our family's D.O.B My humanities Project Fitzroy Germany Kinross Mary MacKillop Paige Mignone Mary Mackillop Me Marlies (My Grandma) About me. I have 2
sisters Dayna 2001-
and Ella 2005- And
my 2 parents are Robert
Mignone 1971- and
Denise (Heidecker)
Mignone 1970- About my Grandma she has 2 brothers Peter 1945-1984, Dieter 1954- and her two parents Henrich (Heins) 1921-1959 and their mother Frieda 1923- About Mary. Mary had 7 brothers and sisters. They were Margaret (Maggie)1843-1872, John 1845-1867, Donald 1853-1925, Peter 1857-1878, Annie 1848-1929, Alexandrina (Lexie) 1850-1882, and her brother Alick who died at 11 months. Mary's 2 parents were Alexander Mackillop 1812-1868 and their mother Flora MacDonald 1816-1886. Mary Helen Mackillop was born on the 15th of January 1842 in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Paige Ilene Mignone was born on the 14th of September 1999 in Macfie Pass, Kinross, Perth, Western Australia. My Grandma Marlies Brigitte (Budel)
Mignone was born on the 19th
of March 1947 in Werder Havel
in Berlin, Germany Work Me (Paige): I don't really work yet but I have done chores around the house. I don't have a job beacause I'm only 12 years old and my work is school. Marlies : When my Grandma was about my age she did quite a bit of work to earn money like babysitting and picking cherry's, potatoes, apples and pears. Mary Mackillop : Mary started working at the age of 14 when she worked as a clerk for 2 years. When Mary was 15 She had decided to become a nun and deovte her life to the poor. When she was 18 Mary became a governess and looked after a relatives 10 children. In 1861 she went to work in Penola a small town in South Australia where she met Father Julian Woods. They started a school together called the sisters of St.Joseph where she also taught then when she moved to adelaide she started another school. Until Mary's death in 1909 she continued to help the poor and disadvantaged. Education Me (Paige) : I have had good education. I went to kinder at the ages of 3 and 4 then I went to my first primary school which was St.Marks and I was there for 4 years and then I moved to my second primary school which was Mentone Park Primary School (M.P.P.S), I was there for 3 years then I finished primary school and now I'm in high school at Mentone Girls Secondary Collage (M.G.S.C). Marlies : My Grandma had 8 years at her school in Germany and 1 year in Australia. Her school in Germany was very small because in the class they had years 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 together. It was the only class in the school and they always had the same teacher except when the girls did sewing. Mary Mackillop : Mary along with all her brothers and sisters were educated by there father and Mary went to private schools as well. Clothes Clothes Me (Paige): I wear very different clothes to what Mary and my Grandma wore. I wear jeans, skirts, shorts, singlets, tee-shirts and jackets. Marlies : My Grandma wore dresses, slacks, jumpers, gloves, cardigans home-made and knitted Mary Mackillop : The outfit Mary wore as a nun was called a Habit and the head piece was called a veil and wimple. Mary wore a Habit to show her commitment and respect to God. The Habit is black
and the veil and wimple were
white. Music : Me (Paige) : I listen to lots of music like Hip-Hop, Pop, Indie, Rap and R&B. There are lots of different ways to listen to music but I only listen to them on CD's, radio and on T.V. Marlies : When my Grandma was little she didn't have anything but the radio. Mary Mackillop : At an early age she enjoyed music and she could play the piano, she also enjoyed singing and dancing. Entertainment Me (Paige) : Marlies : Mary Mackillop : Mary did alot of horse back riding as a young girl. Her family was very poor therefore she didnt have alot of things to entertain herself. She was very passionate about her animals and spent alot of time with them. Transport Me (Paige): Marlies: Mary MacKillop: Mary got around by
stagecoaches, wagons, foot,
horses and for long trips
steam locomotives. Interesting Facts 1. Mary's parents were Scottish and Mary's Dad came to Australia in 1838 and her mum in 1840. When Mary was on the farm a man came to take her pet cow because her family owed him money. Mary jumped on a wild colt and went to her relatives to get money to pay the man and save her favourite cow. From then on Mary continued to rescue people like the poor. 2. 3. Mary's famous saying was: "never see an evil without trying to find a remedy" MacKillop, 1958 p1 as cited in (Insera, 1995). 4. Mary was the first female Australian Saint. Mary MacKillop was also known as Mother Mary of the Cross. 5. References Inserra, R. (1995). Mary MacKilliop. Holy Mother to the poor. Carlton, Australia: Cardigan Street Publishers.

Mary MacKillop. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved March 27, 2012, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Mackillop When my Grandma was young she would get around by walking and riding a bike. My granmother grew up in Germany after the war. The Russians took their house and belongings so they had no money to buy a car. I get around by taking the bus. My mum drives me in our 4X4 car and I can choose to take the train. I can also ride a bike, roller blade, scooter or walk. My Grandmas entertainment was catching mice and cutting their tails off for money, collecting snails for money and when it was winter playing in the snow. My entertainment is very different because they had none of the things that entertain me back when Mary and my Grandma were little like T.V's, computers, At the age of 3 my grandma and her family escaped from East Germany which is where the Russians had taken over and they escaped to West Germany. My Grandma went with her mother and her brother to West Germany and her father went in a different direction to them. My grandma did not see her dad for one year. In 1871 Mary MacKillop was banished from The Catholic Church. Bishop Sheil who was the leader of the church excommunicated her because he did not agree with her. The ban was lifted one year later. In March 2002 my family moved from Perth to Melbourne so we could be closer to my relatives. I had only ever lived in Perth and in Canada. 1947 1951 Born Escaped
to West
Germany 1st day of
school 1954 Moved to
Australia 1960 Became an
citizen 1963 Married 1968 Daughter
born Son (Robert-my dad) born 1969 1971 Father died 1982 Met my grandpa
at Luna Park 1966 Brother died 1984 Daughter got
married 1990 1st Grandchild
(Hayley) born 1992 2nd Grandchild
(Jake) born 1993 3rd Grand-
born 1994 Son got married
(my parents) 1996 4th Grandchild
(Me) born 1999 5th Grandchild (Dayna)
my sister born 2001 6th Grandchild (Ella)
my sister born 2005 1999 2005 Born moved to
canada 1st steps Sister
(Dayna) born Moved back
to Perth 1st B-day 2nd Sister
(Ella) Born Moved to
Melbourne Brother
born 2000 2001 2002 3 year
old kinder 2003 4 year
old kinder 2004 1st day
of school Moved schools 2009 Went for a visit to
Canada to see family 2011 Graduated from
Primary School Started High
School 2012 1860 1902 1842 Born Worked as a
governess in
Penola, South
Australia Starts a
in Penola Mother died Father died 1868 1886 1857 Decided to
become a nun 1866 1867 Starts
order Banished from
Catholic Church 1871 Ban
lifted 1872 Travels to
Europe 1875 Becomes
paralysed Died 1909 Marlies Me (Paige) Mary MacKillop Mary MacKillop Me (Paige) Marlies
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