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New generation of e-government services

CEIDG and Point of Single Contact

Marcin Szokalski

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of New generation of e-government services

- Information
- Interactive
- Transaction
- One Stop Shop
Contact center
Project results
to use services
many ways
permits, licenses, concessions, entries in the register of regulated activity
@ & www adresses
basic personal information
bans of conducting business activity
identification numbers (
PKD codes (Polish Classification of Activities)
company name
provide information
help desk (including Virtual clerk)
internal messages and mailing
multimedia instructions
CEIDG-1 form step by step wizard
Continual Service Improvement
workshops organized in MG and away
analysis and implementation of user-requested improvements
dates (start, suspend, resume, ending)
Entry in CEIDG
enterpreneur's proxies
information on bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings
certificate - entry in CEIDG or print
physical binding to the office
Data Center
Contact Center
External users
Centralization of business records databases
Making it possible to carry out transactions relating to the registration of business activities electronically
Electronic exchange of data between the institutions involved in the process of business registration
Reducing the time for business registration
Unification of administration rules and regulations of setting up and conducting economic activity
Increasing the security of commercial transactions by providing current information about enterpreneurs
Support for companies - Relation to EUGO
Providing information on the procedures for each activity if selected PKD code is associated with regulated activity
Mature services
Entrepreneur can initiate CEIDG
processes at any Municipal Office
proposals to change the law:
to simplify the rules and regulations of setting up and conducting economic activity
System efficiency
Statistics and Analysis
The cost of a single entry operating 4,88 zl = 1,18 euro
Thank you
for your attention
PSC Project Team
Ministry of Economy
Department of Electronic Economy
single market
Applies to services in the internal market and is one of the most important European legal acts concerning performance.

Assumptions defined in the Directive determine, among others:
the need to review and simplify the administrative procedures associated with the exercise of service activities by Member states;
obligation of Member states to create single points of contact as a comprehensive guide for service providers entities;
the right for providers and recipients to easy access through single points of contact to specific information regarding the procedures and legal authorities;
principles of electronic application of procedures
EU Services Directive 2006/123/WE
Fundamentals of effective e-government
Efficient communication between authorities
Efficient communication with citizens
Stable and secure infrastructure
Progressive development of mature services: Information, Interactive, Transaction, One Stop Shop
Division into the Front Office and Back Office
Standardization and removing physical binding to offices in processes / procedures and forms
Collection and sharing of knowledge; transparency and partnership

Authorities conducting
a Regulated Activity Register (RDR)
Offices of the Marshal
professional associations
central offices
Removal of
from CEIDG

Change the
entry in CEIDG
How to open a hair salon?
How to open a vet's surgery?
How to open an online store?
Launching a car-park
Waste management
Help Center
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