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The Battles in the North

No description

Megan Knoth

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of The Battles in the North

What do we already know?
The Battle at Long Island
• The Continental Army was outnumbered by about 10,000 soldiers.
• Washington ordered his troops to guard Long Island
• Britain noticed that the Americans did not guard the northern roads and used them as their attack route.
• Britain drove the Americans all the way back to Brooklyn and forced them to evacuate New York
• This defeat was considered a terrible time for Washington and his men.

The Battle at
White Plains
• The first battle fought in the Hudson River Valley.
• British forces under General William Howe pushed Washington’s retreating Army into Westchester County.
• Washington’s troops moved on top of a hill near White Plains where the British and Hessian troops attacked them.

White Plains
Battle of
Fort Washington
• The British plan was to attack the fort from 3 different directions.
• Because of such heavy fire from all different directions, the British took Fort Washington from the American Army
• The Continental Army was forced to retreat to Fort Lee, which will later be taken also.

Battles in the North
The Battle at Long Island
The Battle at White Plains
The Battle at Fort Washington
The Battle at Trenton
The Battle at Princeton
The Battle at Brandywine
The Battles in the North
between the Continental Army and the British Army
Economic Hardships
people faced (inflation and profiteering)
Personal Hardships
people faced (Whose side are you on!)
Women, African-Americans and Native Americans roles during the war
Keep in Mind!

All of these above occur simultaneously as the war goes on!
The Battle at Trenton
The Battle at Princeton
The Battle at Brandy Wine
Let's summarize
Battle Map
• The British were unprepared for Washington’s attack, however they received numerous warnings about the attack happening soon.
• Washington’s plan was to split his men in half under Gen. Nathaniel Greene and Gen. John Sullivan.
• British Gen. Rall was attempted to rally his troops, but failed at forming a defensive perimeter.
• The Hessians quickly surrendered.
Battle Map
• British Gen. Cornwallis thought he had Washington trapped at a bridge, Assunpink Creek (near Trenton).
However, Washington quickly moved towards Princeton that night.
• When Cornwallis woke, he realized his opponent had disappeared.
• Washington sent a small force to destroy the bridge in hopes Cornwallis could not pass through to Princeton.
• Washington launched a night attack on Cornwallis in Princeton and defeated his army before moving to Morristown for winter encampment.

• The new capital, Philadelphia was Gen. Howe’s goal for the campaign of 1777. His troops began marching towards the city.
• Washington’s men took high ground with confidence in a victory.
• Howe divided his forces, which confused Washington leading his a British victory.
• Although a defeat, the American soldiers felt that it was a loss due to unfamiliar landscape.
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