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by jordan pantoja 213

No description

jordan pantoja

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of by jordan pantoja 213

My Budget Project
by Jordan Pantoja 213
my yearly salary is $36,000
my monthly salary is $3,000
i would rent an stdio with my 4 friends
were will you live ?
What will you drive ?
My Coupon total
my provider is t-mobile
OMG! Another bill! (cell phone bill)
my provider is :comcast
the monthly rent is 1,000 a month
now my monthly salary would be $2,750
- 250
TV,Home phone ,and internet options
Time to have a little fun...if you can afford it!
Do You Have Money Left? What Are You Going To Do With It?
you did it ! How much money do you have left?
how do you feel about budgeting?why is it important?why are your job and college education important?describe your thoughts.
we will each pay $250 each
the studio will only charge us the cable bill.
I still have $3,000
the 2010 nitima monthly is $200 but this car has been used
me and my 4 friends would each pay $50
my monthly payment is $2,700
- 50
i would shop at pete's market

I still have $995 but budgeting is really hard because you really have to think what you need to buy or how many things you need to get for your family. Now when i am doing this project i really feel bad for my parents and to the homeless. I always ask my parents if they could buy black ops 3
or halo 5 but those games are like $50 or even $60. I feel the same way to the homeless because they don't have a job and they have to keep asking for money from people. The real hard part for me was how many food i need to buy or how many food can last me a month.
This is important because it ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need. Jobs and college is important because if you don't get a job and you don't get a good education your life would be harder.

my plan has:unlimited calls and text
it can call up to Mexico and California
monthly payment 100 dollars
1,840 is my monthly
my monthly price is 100 becuse i would bundle
my internet and television provider is comcast
my monthly is 1,740
i have a accident and it took 75 dollars
my monthly is 1,665
i would go to the gym,clubs,dates and more school
the gym would be $50
the clubs would be $100
dates would be $100
school would also be $200
in total would be $450
my total is 1,215
i would get more cloths and get get netflix

in total it would be 220
my total would be $995
I would get
the place hase 1 full bathroom
2 packs of 24 bottle waters ; $6.00
bag of suger $3.00
bottle of cooking oil: $4.00
bag of salt: $2.00
3 pounds of beef: $20.00
2 pounds of chicken $7.00
2 pounds of pork:$8.00
3 boxes of eggs $6.00
pound of ham $6.00
loafs of bread $4.00
1 pound of cheese $5.00
pound of tomatos $4.00
bag of apples $ 4.00
bag of oranges $4.00
bag of lettus $4.00
8 packs of trotias $4.00
pack of pop :3.50
total 100
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