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Madison Strack

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Madison Strack

What is the mystery:
Why is it on an unsolved mystery list?

On July 1st, 1874 Charley Ross vanished from a kidnapping and was never to be seen again.
Charley and his brother, Walter, were playing outside together and two men in a carriage kidnapped them by offering fireworks and candy. Once they had Walter and Charley in the carriage, they went to a firework shop. The two men gave Walter 25 cents and told him to go get fireworks. Once Walter stepped out of the carriage they sped away through Green town, Philadelphia with Charley Ross. This is where the mystery begins.
Madison Strack and Jazzmine Warner

The Charley Ross mystery!
Has been offered for the
recovery of Charley Ross
The Charley Ross mystery:

The Charley Ross mystery is on the unsolved mystery list because Charley' s whereabouts are still to this day unknown! The two men admitted to the kidnapping of Charley and Walter. But only one of the men knew where Charley was at the time. So the other man shot, and killed the guy that knew where Charley was. Charley was a young age of 4 when he was kidnapped. But this mystery took place in 1874 so, he is dead by now but his body may still be out there.
Charley Ross
Different viewpoints
According to the articles we read the police
investigated hard and could identify the two people writing the notes about Charley . the two people writing the notes were William Mosher and his partner in crime, Joesph Douglas. They admitted to be the abductors of Charley but once again Charley' s whereabouts are still unknown!

What is your theory?
Personally after reading
many articles about the mystery,
I think that William and Joseph
killed Charley and left him somewhere hidden, nowhere to be found!
There was many articles and newspapers about Charley' s disappearance.
Websites used:
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