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Stress ribbon bridges

No description

aya magdy

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Stress ribbon bridges

Refrences Components Agenda Introduction Components Cable analysis Structural system Applications Adva & disadv. bearing cables prestressed slab Introduction stress
ribbon deck supports 3 Types of Bridges suspension bridges Cable analysis cable stayed bridges stress ribbinon bridges Applications Stress ribbon bridges Golf Cart Bridges,
San Diego, California, USA Bridge across the Blue River,
Colorado, USA piers abutments systems Advantages
Disadvantages Arrangement Supports Structural
system Deck bearing cables stress ribbon prestressed slab STRESS RIBBON
BRIDGES suspention bridges (19th & 20th ) modern cable bridges (2nd world war ) stress ribbon bridges by Prof, R. Walther Advantages They use less material than cable stayed so they are more econimic Jiri Strasky, PhD, PE,
Consulting Engineer, Greenbrae, CA dynamic test confirmed that vandals cannot damage these structures. Disadvatages ` Piers and abutments _The maximum slope of the deck
close supports ( piers ) is 8% to decrease
the deflection effect.
-Peirs work as an intermidiate supports.
-The stress ribbon is fixed at the
end abutments transferring the tension from
the stress ribbon into the soil. They are able to resist not only uniformly distributed load but also large concentrated loads created by the wheels of heavy trucks They have a minimal environmental impact because they
use very little material and they have a beautiful shape They covered a span starts from 200m to 300m
without using expansion joints one of disadvantage of the classical stress-` type structure is the need to resist very
large horizontal forces at the abutments so we have developed a self anchored structural system Stress ribbon supported by arch Stress ribbon suspended on arch ` it's the main concept to
the forces
stress ribbon bridges Presented by :
- Aya Magdy Hussien
-Aya Magdy Zakaria
-Sally Mohamed Negm
-Zeinab Said `
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