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Civil Liberties

An overview of the Bill of Rights and definitions regarding civil liberties. 12th Grade Government

Lindsey Isaacson

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties
From the moment you entered school
this morning, what rights did you have?
Amendment V
Amendment IX
Amendment X
Amendment IV
Amendment VII
Amendment II
Amendment III
Amendment I
Amendment VI
School's over. Now you're in
your car, headed home. How
have your rights changed?
Freedom of religion,
speech, press, petition
and assembly.
Right to
bear arms.
No quartering
troops in
private homes
Prohibition against
searches and seizures
Right when accused
to DUE PROCESS clause:
-Claiming the Fifth
-Trial by jury (one exception)
-Double Jeopardy
-Just Compensation
-Cannot be deprived of
life, liberty, or
property without
due process
Rights when on trial:
-Speedy and public
-Impartial jury of peers
-Right to lawyer and witnesses
-Right to know why accused
Common law suits:
Civil cases (not
statutory or criminal)
over $20 have a right
to trial by jury
Amendment VIII
No excessive bail,
cruel, or unusual
Unenumerated Rights
protected: "Natural Law"
Powers reserved
for the states
"Freedoms of" only go
so far as they don't
interfere with the "freedoms of" someone else.
Constitution is
a FEDERAL document
Due process of law:
justification and
fairness in the
procedures taken by
the government towards
a person
Equal protection
of the law: a
standard of equal
treatment that
must be observed
by the government
Selective Incorporation:
court cases that apply
the Bill of Rights to the
II, III, V (Grand Jury = standing for criminal cases), VII, VIII)
What happens when you
search YouTube for
Civil Liberties:

Habeas Corpus: you have the body/show the body - if the accused feels they were denied due process, they have the right to appear before court with the arresting official to determine legality of accusation/bail/deainment, etc.
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