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Discipline In Schools

No description

Blaise Bowman

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Discipline In Schools

Discipline In Schools Blaise Bowman Why Discipline? The Issue Cherokee Bend
Elementary Brookville Elementary
School Tarrant Elementary
School Discipline has been used as a form of training or correcting through the use of a punishment.
Types of discipline: paddling, time out, detention, extra home work, etc.
Through the course of history, the use of discipline in schools
has mainly a negative connotation to it. Why is very little discipline used in schools today?
Cases like:
8th Amendment
Ingraham vs Wright
Many schools have more relaxed discipline policies due to this issue
Little structure can lead to major behavioral problems
School wide discipline and academic success go hand in hand
Race and Ethnicity affect discipline rates My Observations:
School has strongest discipline methods out of the rest
Students have more discipline issues
Regulate students behavior
Straws are moved for misbehaving
Fights occur often My Observations:
Students knew what was expected of them
Teachers would ask student to stop misbehaving
Would make students sit out of recess if misbehaving increased
Very little discipline issues
No reward system http://www.brookville.k12.oh.us/docs/Code%20of%20Student%20Conduct%202011.pdf http://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/Images/Users/9/student%20services/CODE%20OF%20CONDUCT%202011-2012.pdf My Observations:
Teachers had hard time keeping students attention- leading to problems in classroom
Discipline is not consistently observed through the whole school
Clips would be moved after 1st waring
Teachers would resort to yelling to reprimand students
Students would sit alone at lunch or recess if misbehaving continued, or would be sent to the office http://www.apa.org/pubs/info/reports/zero-tolerance.pdf
http://nces.ed.gov/programs/crimeindicators/crimeindicators2009/figures/figure_07_1.asp Work Cited Overall I was surprised to see so little discipline in the schools. The different regions clearly affected how strict the disciplinary rules were. I personally feel like there was no "right way" to discipline the students. There is however, a "happy medium." Overall Feelings
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