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Caught Red Handed

No description

bryce kaese

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Caught Red Handed

Different Languages
While playing with Google Translate, I discovered that most languages have some form of parallel idiom to mine. Some don't mean the exact same, but some do.
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Literal Translation
The phrase "Caught Red Handed" is misleading. It sounds like you are being caught with red hands, like the guy in the picture to the right. However, this is not the actual meaning of the phrase.
Inferred Meaning
The Inferred Meaning of the phrase "Caught Red Handed" is that you have caught someone or something committing a misdemeanor, or something that they shouldn't have been doing, while all of the evidence is right next to them.
The meaning of this phrase is to catch someone doing something that they shouldn't have, with the evidence in plain sight.
The Origin of this phrase is very straightforward, with almost no myths
involved. It is linked to having your hands red with blood after a murder or a
poaching session. An earlier form of caught red-handed was taken red-hand,
appearing in the Scottish Acts of Parliament of James I, from 1432. The only myth related
to this idiom is that of the Irish Kingdom of Ulster.
The Chinese translation of the phrase "Caught Red-Handed" is: Zhuā hóng shǒu.

There is a phrase meaning "Arrested"
which is: Dāng chǎng jū bǔ.
The Spanish translation of the phrase "Caught Red-Handed" is: Atrapados rojo manos.

After quite a while of looking, I found a
phrase meaning "Caught in the Act".
It is: Coger a alguien in fraganti.
The Italian translation of the phrase "Caught Red-Handed" is: Catturati consegnato rosso.

However they do have a phrase that is
supposed to mean "Caught in the Act", which is: Preso in flagrante.
Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe
brought the
term into
The phrase came
into common use
in 1819, thanks
to Sir Walter
The reason why the term "Caught Red-Handed" was coined was to allow Scottish Sheriffs to proceed with an arrest without a trial, provided that there was
sufficient evidence to
instigate the arrest.
Caught Red Handed
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My brother was caught red handed when he snuck downstairs for a piece of candy, but instead found our dad.
By: Bryce Kaese
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