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September 11, 2001

No description

Erin Cronin

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of September 11, 2001

The Day Of
September 11, 2001

By: Erin Cronin
There were four planes hijacked that day, but all went in different directions.
Planes Hijacked
New York

Washington D.C.



American Airlines Flight 11 (north tower)
United Airlines Flight 175 (South Tower)

American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon)

United Airlines Flight 93
American Airlines United Airlines
The Boeing has a windspan of about 156ft and a length of 159ft. So, it's about half of a high school football field.

Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylania near Shanksville, while the passengers were trying to regain control. Luckly it crashed into a field, so no one on the ground was hurt. Sadly, the 44 people on the plane, including the four hijackers, died in the crash.
Twin Tower Problems
Since the opening in the 1970's there has been hundreds of calls for things like minor fires or false alarms.
In 1993, there was a bombing in the North Tower, the bomb was inside a truck. It was a terrorist attack planning on making the North Tower hit the South Tower, it failed, but still killed 6 people.
About The Twin Towers
The Twin Towers opened on April 4th, 1973. At the time they were the tallest building in the world, both reaching 110 stories high. Though, the North Tower was 1,368 ft (1,728 ft including the antenna) and the South Tower was 1,362 ft. On a typical day there would be 50,000 workers and over 200,000 vistors.
North Tower
At 8:47 a.m. Flight 11 hits the North Tower. It's on fire and there is clouds of smoke.

At 10:28 a.m. the North Tower collapses.
South Tower
At 9:02 a.m. Flight 175 hits the South Tower. This, creates even more smoke.
At 9:50 a.m the South Tower collapses.
The World Trade Center had other buildings which included a 22-floor hotel, 3 low-rise building, and an underground mall. The area was so big it had it's own zip code (10048).
Searching Through The Rubble
Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT's from neighboring cities and states came to help search through the rubble.
9/11 Memorial
The 9/11 memorial is exactly were the Twin Towers once stood to honor everyone involved in the bombing in 1993 and on September 11th. They started building this in 2006, but it wasn't public till September 12th, 2011.
They are planning on rebuilding the World Trade Center. As of November, 2011 they have finished one skyscraper that is over 100 floors high. They have five more skyscrapers to build, and the sixth is awaiting confirmation.
The End
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