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Ian Tsang

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of WORLD

I believe that even though religion has caused some horrific events in the past and the present, I still consider it a vital ingredient for shaping the world to what it is today, because religion has created or changed some things to improve them, and it has also let people around the world learn other people's beliefs and cultures. Therefore, I think that a world without religion would be a bad thing. (Though admittedly, we could have done without 9/11 or World War II.
Ian F.'s Opinion
In my perspective religion is more of a bad thing than good thing. It makes people rely too much in god and stop them from exploring more or questioning more. Yes it gives us rules and something to look up to but in the same time it also causes lots of conflicts and arguments on who is correct and who is wrong.
Ian. T's opinion
What is Religion?
Religion is a form of 'belief' that has been around for hundreds of years. Religion is a belief that their is a more superior being on top of us. Religion could be misread, mistranslated, or misinterpreted and could be very dangerous.
By Ian, Ian and Jaap
What would a world without religion be?
It would be more dull, less imagination, no hope. To put it simply, the world would be very basic and to-the-core. However much more peaceful. With religion people would be inspired more, they would have a bigger imagination and they would live with hope in their hearts until they die. if religion disappears, the world will immediately become more monotonous and lifeless.
Jaap's Opinion
What choice is better?
To be able to make a choice of which is better we must look at the positive an negative of religion.
Nigerian Girls Kidnapping
On May 27 around 300 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by an Islamic terrorist group. They Stole the girls because in Islam girls were not allowed to go to school.
India and Pakistan
Pakistan was first part of India. This was because India followed only one religion. Hinduism. Later more people started to believe in Muslim. Thus creating a war to divide the two religious groups into two countries. This is an example of conflict amongst religions and how it could be easily turned to a weapon. In the picture above the person who held the flag is Hindu fighting on the indian side against the Muslims.

The Pope
Cathedrals and churches weren't made so that people could worship in them it was made for money. People were told about heaven and hell they were told that if you sin you wouldn't be allowed in the gates of heaven. People were terrified and they did the best they could not to end up in hell including donating money to the church. This is an example of how religion could be so dangerouse.
9/11 why did it happen?
Also known as September 11th, 9/11 was the day where a terrorist group named al-Qaeda crashed 3 planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There was originally going to be a fourth plane, but the passengers on board fought back and the hijackers lost control. this is an example where religion could act as a weapon. It could be seen from different perspectives and interpreted the wrong way. For example in the Qur'an in one of the sectors it tells us that Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his son. This was a test of faith. Abraham believed in god but in the last second god stopped him. They don't judge gods words and they do stuff in the name of God.

I believe that a world with religion would be a better place because the thing that people need most in times of need (and those are very frequent times ) is hope. Hope gives us the strength to carry on and to not stop believing in the our dreams. A world without it would actually kinda suck because where has all the life and hope gone to then?
Religion and its negative effects
Some religions can cause people to think that they have had a sign from the man upstairs and thus doing strange things such as sacrificing themselves or many other unnecessary things. Religion can also start a war. This might be because people have different opinions and then they believe that the other persons "god" is a fake. It could also be misused churches use religion as a way to gain money. Henry viii started the church of England to take the power away from the pope and so he has full authority over religion. The reason behind this was to divorce his wife for political reasons. This shows how religion could be used as a weapon.

Bringing people together in the name of God, giving people a feeling that they are close to God and treating each follower as brothers and sisters.

It gives people rules to flow giving the world knowledge on whats correct and whats wrong
Religion is one of the major cause in conflicts due to different beliefs

Religion could be misused as power.

The consequences of the negative side of religion could be more significant than the positive side. For example 9/11 , The pope are misunderstandings of the bible but causes disastrous consequences.
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