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Culture of Plastic Surgery

Noelle Min

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Culture of Plastic Surgery

Culture of Plastic Surgery
(E! Entertainment Television)
Cosmetic surgery has transformed into a culture in which people surgically alter their appearance to gain personal satisfaction and social acceptance.
What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body, especially by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons.
(American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
: The first plastic surgery textbook and breast augmentation
Early 1900s:
In WWI maxillofacial surgical techniques and skin grafts were established and became“modern plastic surgery”
ASPS formed
Early 2000's
:Body contouring is introduced to assist patients with removal and tightening of excess skin after massive weight loss.
Revolution in treatment of facial deformities
Late 1900s:
Advances in craniofacial surgery leads to new techniques and innovations in cosmetic facial surgery.
Origins in America
As American culture became increasingly urban, identity was derived from self-presentation.
(American Board of Cosmetic Surgery)
(American Board of Cosmetic Surgery)
(American Board of Cosmetic Surgery)
(American Board of Cosmetic Surgery)
Valencia, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Miami, FL
Park Avenue, Rochester, NY
“In our appearance-centric society, beauty is a huge factor in everyone’s professional and emotional success” (Rivers 2).
Reasons to get plastic surgery
self confidence
body dysmorphic disorder

social circles

(American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
(American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
(American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
“ Americans "read" faces, ran them against familiar stereotypes, and from this made assumptions about identity and character” (Haiken).
Body Dysmorphia
"[body dysmorphic disorder] can prevent a patient from being satisfied without regard to aesthetic success” (Ericksen).
"[patient] reveals himself to...be in the grips of body dysmorphic disorder, in which...a tiny scar on his face, is magnified completely out of proportion to reality" (Lorenc 84).
Social Life
“Cosmetic surgery is often considered to be a means to improve social relationships” (Tam).
Medical Tourism
“for some patients and some procedures, there are real advantages to medical tourism. Here are five of the biggest:
world class care, efficient services, lower cost, skip the bureaucracy, and joys of travel
” (Redlitz).
"South Korea’s medical tourism industry logged revenue of 487 billion won ($453 million) in 2012, according to estimates from the Korea Tourism Organization" (Lee).
Korea's "Beauty Belt"
strip of plastic surgery clinics in the Gangnam district

"avidly welcoming international medical tourists with benefits and amenities like hotel-hospital hybrids or multilingual round-the-clock assistance" (Kim).
$88,000 "anti-aging beauty package," at the Ritz-Carlton in Seoul. spa treatments, health checkups, and surgery in one place so people don't have to go out during recovery (Kim)
Plastic Surgeons
Competition between plastic surgeons to have the best aesthetic office design, self-appearance/worth, friendly mannerisms, and newest technology (Lorenc 6, 7, 74).
the office needs to look very vip like and successful for the customers
surgeons needs to look their best by wearing expensive clothing
surgeons need to know how to converse with customers to earn their business and trust
surgeons need to be up to date with the best technology so they provide the best for their patients

Standards of Beauty
Based on attracting a partner: “men are stupid...they are attracted to creatures that are their opposites, with hairless bodies, big boobs, slim waists, rounded butts--and this has become the beauty ideal many women aspire to achieve” (Rivers 1).
Based on celebrities and popular beauty: “The more that celebrity bodies become the site of identification, desire, imitation, the more ordinary people will turn to surgery, and the more aggressive we will become in our relationships to our own mirror images. ” (Blum 229).

Brief History in America
More people are getting plastic surgery for the purpose of becoming more successful in their profession.
One reason to undergo plastic surgery is to change physical insecurities. Many people are psychologically unstable because of their insecurities and regain their confidence after surgically altering their features.
("Ugly" Kids Bullied...)
Ken The Living Doll...)
Maspeople Xfile Ep.98...
Different Perspectives
People believe that if you are more aesthetically appealing, you will be more successful with marriage.
Virginia Blum explains that the main reason her mother wanted her to have a nose job was to “make her more marketable…[Blum’s mother wanted her] daughter successful in the marriage market [she wanted an] ambitious son-these are familial achievements that raise parental value” (Blum 9).

"Ugly" Kids Bullied...)
Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc MD...

Public perceptions on plastic surgery have changed overtime and are specific to certain groups and countries
Hong Kong and Japan have negative attitudes towards the culture (Tam).
US has become more accepting (Tam).
Individuals with lower self-esteem, and those with stronger appearance concern show stronger approval of cosmetic surgery (Tam).
Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League
Plastic Surgery Simulator Demo
(American Board Cosmetic Surgery)

(Geomtrix Design)


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Mainly upper class but there are more middle class joining the culture, makinf the economic range more vast.
Right: Korean girl, featured on Korea's XFiles, who is addicted to plastic surgery. Spends all her money on fixing flaws, never satisfied. She always see something that she wants to alter that the surgeons don’t even see.
Right: Justin J. had over 100 procedures to look like an ideal man, aka Ken Barbie Doll, to have a masculine identity.
Triana Lavey spent $15,000 to get the perfect selfie face. Her career as an agent requires photographs to promote herself (McKelle)

Wall Street Businessmen want to have a youthful appearance to compete with the younger crowd
Renata used to be a very social girl with many friends until she hit high school, and people began bullying her for her large nose. She could not deal with the bullying and pressure that she lost all her friends and barely left her house. After she got a nose job she became more social and made new friends.
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