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Specialised cells


Abbie Murray

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Specialised cells

So what do you think its function is?

What do you think are its specialised
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
The Nerve cell!
Lets begin....
The Nerve cells
The function of nerve cells is to carry nerve impulses to different parts of the body!

Their special features include long connections at each end and they carry electrical signals.
Specialised cells
What makes them so special?
First we have the red blood cell....
The red blood cell
SO what are the nerve cells function?

What do you think its special features are?
Lets see if you are correct!
The function of the red blood cell is to carry oxygen!

They have large surface areas for oxygen to pass through and they contain hemoglobin
which joins
with oxygen!
Next stop....Don't be nervous....its only our nerve cells

Can you guess what the function of the egg cell is and its specialised features?
Next we have the Male Reproductive cell: The Sperm Cell
What do you think are the functions and specialised features of the sperm cell?
Lets see if you are correct!
The sperm cells function is to reach the female cell and join with it.

Its specialised features are that the cell has a long tail for swimming and its head shape is actually what gets the sperm into the female cell.
Lets see if you were correct!
The function of the egg cell is to join with the male sex cell. The egg then provides food for the new cells that have been formed.

The specialised features of the egg cell is that it is large and in that large area it contains lots of cytoplasm!
Next we have the two types of plant cells.
We have the root hair cell and we have the leaf cell

What do you think are the functions of each and what do you think are the special features.
Below are pictures of both cells (labeled A and B) which one is the root hair cell and which is the leaf cell?
Lets see if you are correct!
The root hair cells function is to absorb water and minerals.
The specialised features of the root hair cell is that it has a large surface area.

The function of the leaf cell is to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis and the specialised features of the leaf cell is that it has a large surface area and they contain lots of chloroplasts.
Below are words we have used this lesson. Create a table like the one on the board and add 6 words of your choice into the table.
Lesson Objective....
Pupils will learn:
That there are two categories of specialised cells (animal and plant cells) and also the importance of these cells.

Lesson outcomes....
Pupils will be able to :
the different types of specialised animal and plant cells.

the functions of the specialised animal and plant cells.
their knowledge to figure out why the different functions are important to each cell.
The Female Reproductive cell : The Egg Cell.
Can you match me up?
In your groups, set about ordering the pictures and definitions, there should be the following titles : Name of cell, picture of cell, type of cell, function of cell and special features of cell, see how you get on!
Red blood cell Sperm cell
Nerve cell Cytoplasm
Root hair cell Chloroplasts
Egg cell Nerve impulses Photosynthesis Animal cell
Leaf cell Plant cell
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