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The Pearl Symbolism

No description

Ally Holtsberg

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of The Pearl Symbolism

"It was very old. Kino's grandfather had brought it...and he had given it to Kino's father... It was once property and source of food(14)".
"Have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for 'little Indians'...Has he any money(11)".
The Pearl Symbolism
The Canoe
The canoe that was passed down to Kino represented the bond of family and security within the generations. Without it, the family would struggle to survive. It provided the life that they had which included the food the ate and the security of a close family.

The Pearl
Lizzy Balas, Ally Holtsberg
The doctor represents greed. When Kino's son, Coyotito, was stung by a scorpion, the doctor refused to cure him for their lack of wealth. Though once they retrieved the pearl, he was more than welcome to treat him, and asked for a higher price knowing he now had a surplus to spend.
"...Coyotito shook the rope and the scorpion fell...Coyotito screamed with pain in his box...the Song of the Enemy roared in his ears (5-6)".
The color red is portrayed through the red scorpion as danger and warning. This foreshadowed to future events, and began the inciting incident to warn for what would happen ahead.
"And in the surface of the pearl he saw the frantic eyes of the man in the pool. And in the surface of the pearl he saw Coyotito lying in the little cave... the pearl was ugly ... And Kino heard the music of the pearl, distorted and insane(117)"
The pearl fueled Kino's tragic experiences and mistakes he faced within the novella. Greed and evil indirectly was supported with the help of the pearl, and made Kino paranoid and violent. Kino made bad decisions under the influence of the wealth he would soon obtain, which left him regretful and mournful.
Blinded to racism; For love has no colors. Blinded to selfishness; For all life matters. Blinded to greed; For money is not happiness. Blinded to self pity; For the heart carries hope. Blinded to regret; For life is about learning. Blinded to grief; For love never dies. Blinded to pain; For the courage to heal. Blinded to anger; For laughter is medicine. Blinded to untruths; For the truth is lived. Blinded to hate; For Creator loves all. Darlene Doll Smith
A family gives you unconditional love,
Strength and guidance they got from above
They listen when you need an ear
And one thing is they always care
When you need a hand
They’ll lend you theirs
If you’re crying they’ll wipe your tears
If you need comfort, you know where to go
Their love is never hidden it is always shown
They always boast about you to anyone they meet
Family, friends and even strangers on the street
A family is precious and kind
A family is truly divine
My mother always told me not to play with fire for it was very dangerous for my mom was no liar When growing up as a youngster you know not to go near anywhere close to the fire the thought filled you with fear That was a day of the coal fire burning with many a log and stick it brought a real good heat so natural then looking so slick
Money is the root of all evil Many try to intelligently say. They sadly misquote the text And cause many to from truth turn away. Money is not the problem you see But love of the lucrative stuff. This love drives many these days To never have enough. Their constant drive for more Brings behavior that’s questionable at best. Morals are often ignored As greed leads to failing the test.
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