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GCSE Computing 2017

No description

Tim Brown

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of GCSE Computing 2017

Why GCSE Computing?
Understand current and emerging technologies
Fun and interesting way to develop critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills
Develop computer programs to solve problems
Provides great preparation for employment.
Jobs like being a scientist, an engineer, a computer programmer or medicine.
Programming truly international
Understanding Computer Science
1 hour 30 minutes written paper
Short, medium and longer answer questions
45% of total GCSE
Solving Problems Using Computers
2 hours written paper
Tasks set and completed on screen
Tests practical application of knowledge and understanding
30% of total GCSE
Developing Computing Solutions
25% of GCSE - Practical element
Pupils program a solution set by WJEC
Approx. 15 hours
OCR set tasks
Design, develop and test a solution to a problem
30% of total GCSEnb n
Why GCSE Computing?
Practical Investigation
You will investigate a topic from a range supplied
You will produce a report which contains:
Practical activity
Effectiveness and efficiency
Technical understanding
Testing, evaluation and conclusions
Computer Systems and Programming
The first part of the course will explore the basics:|
What is a computer system?
What’s programming and data all about?
How can a computer solve problems?
Why is data represented in binary?
What is a DBMS?
What is a network?
Why do computers have their own language?
Programming Project
There are a range of assessment tasks and you get to.....
Design a coded solution to a problem
Create a coded solution using a programming language
Test your solution
Evaluation of your solution
How is it different from ICT?
In ICT, you design a project such as a website or game then make it using software
There is very little programming in ICT
In Computing you program a piece of software to solve a problem
You will learn a number of programming languages
You will learn the programming skills needed in the modern economy
The IT industry is the fastest growing in NI
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