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No description

Casandra Schlangen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of CRAAP TEST

The CRAAP Test Developed by the Meriam Library at California State University Just about anyone can find a lot of information on just about any topic on the web. Why should I evaluate sources? Remember:
Just because it is written, doesn't mean it's good! The challenge is deciding what is credible. How do I evaluate sources? C - Currency
R - Relevance
A - Authority
A - Accuracy
P - Purpose Currency Relevance Accuracy Authority Purpose When was the information posted? Was the information changed or updated? Do you need new information or will old information work too? CRAAP Use the test. Are the links active? Is there enough information to make the source worth using? Is this information related to your topic? Is the information too easy or too difficult to understand? What person or organization provided this information? Is this person qualified to cover this topic? Does the web address give you any hints about the author? Where does the information come from? Can you check the details with another source? Are there any typos or errors? Was the source created to inform sell, entertain, teach, or persuade? Does the author show any good or bad feelings about the topic? Does the source make money by sharing this information?
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