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What you need to know

No description

Kim Truax

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of What you need to know

What you need to know
Before the Meiji Restoration, The Samurai ruled and walked around with buns on there head. The buns symbolized whether or not they were part of the Samurai. After the Meiji Restoration, they cut off there buns.
The Meiji period ended with the emperors death in 1912, and because of this the country experienced significant social, political, and economic change including the abolition of the feudal system and have an emperor. They wanted to westernize there economy.
The government
The reformers wanted to form a strong central government. The Meiji constitution was issued in 1889 by the emperor. The German system gave the emperor autocratic, or absolute ruler.
The government built factories and then sold them to wealthy business families to get the industries started. ***The strategy was territorial expansion..that was what there foreign policy was based off of.****
Meiji Restoration
Members of the government learned about Western governments, economies, technology, and customs. They brought back experts to help study there for expanding there knowledge on industrial techniques. *STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS KEY*
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