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Juan Ponce De Leon

No description

pablo buitrago

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Juan Ponce De Leon

Juan Ponce De Leon
Juan Ponce
De Leon's
Juan Ponce De Leon was born in Sentervas De Campos, near Palencia. Juan had noble blood and became a page in the spanish court. Later,when he was a teenager, he went on the second voyage of Columbus, which inspired his sailing spirit.
In 1502 through 1504 he assisted in the conquest of Higüey,(modern day dominican republic and made governor of the province.After finding gold on modern day Puerto Rico in 1508, he conquered the island. As governor, he made a fortune in gold, slaves, and land.Hearing tales from the Carib (Indians) of a rich island,Bimini, said to be North of Cuba he went to conquer the island.Because his arrival in Florida occurred at the time of the Easter feast (Pascua Florida), Ponce de León named the land La Florida.The king commissioned him (1514) to subdue the Carib and to conquer and colonize the isle of Florida.In 1515 he led an unsuccessful expedition against the Carib and returned to Puerto Rico, where he resided until 1521.With two vessels and 200 men he sailed for Florida in 1521.
www.enchantedlearning.com-246x204-search by image
Did you now that April 8 is Juan Ponce De Leon day?
Did you know he discovered the Gulf stream?
Did you Know that in his younger life, he was a soldier and he fought the Muslims?
Did you Know Juan Ponce De Leon was the first european to set foot on Florida?
Thank you!
Juan Ponce de leon death:
Upon landing on the west coast of Florida, his party was fiercely attacked by Native Americans and De Leon was severely wounded by an arrow.The expedition sailed for Cuba, where De León soon died.Juan Ponce De Leon was buried in Havana, Cuba.
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