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Five Levels of Curriculum Integration

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Robin Hartman

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Five Levels of Curriculum Integration

Five Levels of Curriculum Integration Level 1: The traditional organization of curriculum and classroom instruction, where teachers plan and arrange the subject-specific scope and sequence in the format of topic outlines. Level 1 Least Integrated Subject-specific topic outline No student collaboration in planning Teacher solo Level 2 Subject Specific Minimal student input Solo or teams Level 3: This type of integration occurs when the same students are learning two or more of their core subjects around a common theme from one or more teachers. Level 3 Multidisciplinary Some student input Solo or teams Level 4: Teachers and students collaborate on a common theme and its content, and discipline boundaries begin to disappear as teachers teach about this common theme. Level 4 Interdisciplinary thematic Considerable student input in selecting themes and in planning Solo or teams Level 5: Teachers and their students have collaborated on a common theme and its content; discipline boundaries are blurred as teachers of several grade levels and/or of various subjects teach on various aspects of the common theme. Level 5 Most integrated Maximum student and teacher collaboration Solo or teams Level 2: Themes for one discipline are not necessarily planned and coordinated to correspond to or integrate with themes of another or to be taught simultaneously.
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