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Agents of Socialization

No description

Victoria Jaochico

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Agents of Socialization

Agents of Socialization in My Life
My family has had a large impact on my life. They offer a sense of safety and security that has allowed me to be raised as someone who is confident and independent. My parents have shown me certain values that I have now taken as my own. Positive things like respect, commitment and compassion that I believe have socialized me to be an overall better person.
One member of my family who has had a profound affect on me is my mother. She is my rolemodel and bestfriend and she is the exact type of person I want to be as an adult. She has guided and encouraged me to pursue my goals and achieve all that I can with my life.
PC has helped to socialize me as a person in many ways, especially in the areas of intellect and work ethic. Through school I have learnt a lot over the years, as well as acquired academic skills like the proper ways to study and research. School has also taught me a good work ethic and good time management skills, in the form of completing homework and assignments.
School overall has helped me to be a more independent and free thinking person. It has improved my effort, organization and ability to learn in diverse ways. School is a huge agent of socialization as I attend it almost everyday, fortunately it has influenced me in mostly positive ways.
My group of friends plays a large role in my socialization as a person. I do not have very many "best" friends but rather associate myself with a larger group of "good" friends, or my boyfriend. Although my boyfriend and friends have influenced me greatly, it has almost always been for the best.
My peer group serve as a huge agent of socialization in my life as they have helped to shape me as a person. Through them I have experienced friendship, trust, respect and unity. We have all shared experiences that will surely be remembered for the rest of our lives. In addition I believe I would not be as complete of a person as I am today without the influence of the friends around me.
What are the agents of socialization?
it is the individuals, groups, and institutions that create the social context in which socialization takes place
through these, we learn and incorporate the values and norms
affects us as an individual, which affects the society as a whole
there are many agents of socialization, but the 4 with the most profound impact are: peer groups, the family, mass media, and school.
The family is arguably the MOST important agent
first form of socialization we experience
has such major impact on us
we get our ascribed status, fit into gender roles, language, habits, initial beliefs, values and religion
the wealth and connections our families have also determine our life and opportunities
the values and beliefs we learn and internalize in our family may be modified or change throughout our life, but they will never really fade away
we learn many things from school
formal curriculum (math, english, science, etc.)
hidden curriculum (norms, values, how to act towards others, etc.)
it is important because we learn
how to interact socially
how to talk to people
we aquire initimate friendships
we gain knowledge
we learn the system of reward/ punishment
we learn about discipline/obedience
we conform and follow/obey rules -> we conform to society's rules later in life
groups of people, usually around the same age as you
the influence of peer groups are more influential when we are teens -> we are going through a process where we're trying to learn about ourselves/ gain an identity
our peer groups are who we spend most of our time with
- influenced to some extent
the way we dress
the slang we use
music we listen to
places we go
Mass media has many different forms
- newspapers
- magazines
- tv
- social media (twitter, instagram, snapchat)
we are in contact with it ALL THE TIME
it is so hard to escape the influence of it
we are introduced to it in our early ages
- in the form of cartoons
it influences our tastes, our thoughts, our political views, our language, the way we dress, our music, and it molds our views
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