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Flvs Critcal Thinking Catogory: Thinker Number: 03

This is my assighnment for FLVS.

Oscar Vaughn

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Flvs Critcal Thinking Catogory: Thinker Number: 03

Star ( I am started playing MineCraft and it is really good. Also tried Zelda four Swords anniversary edition. Not good at that…) Play games they play (except the rated M ones that they play).Short term goal: Go over and ask to play some games the recommend, with the goal of at least 2 recommended games by December 31st. Long term goal: Interview them on the favorite games, and compare results with another friend, and play at least 5 recommended games by November 17h of 2013 FLVS Assighnment Thinkers Be more Descriptive. Short-term goal: find and use Descriptive words to describe an object at least 4 sentences for the next EA for Mrs. Edlund’s. Long-term goals: research and read descriptive writings and stories, including ones that get good grades in Mrs. Edlund’s class. Get a high A in Mrs. Edlund’s Class. Short-term goal: Study vocabulary cards twice a week and have an A for the 2nd nine weeks. Long term goal: have an A for the entire 8th grade, by studying vocabulary cards and getting more people to read and proofread my EA’s. By Oscar .W. Vaughn. 03 Star ( have talked to myself about the idea of it. If we can read DNA, Can’t we rewrite DNA?) Have enough money left over to fund a group of scientist who will look into cloning individual cells and rewriting the DNA. Short-term goal: By March of 2013, research more of what people think makes it unethical so I can counter argue it better. Long-term goal: by 2050 be the world’s first ‘mutant’ (Have scales instead of skin, Produce oxygen in side of lungs, Be biologically and physically immortal.) Become better at Pokémon and MineCraft Short-term goal: by December 25th know the controls of MineCraft and have EV’d trained at least 3 Pokémon or tried to after some research. Long-term Goal: by 2013 have EV’d trained 10 Pokémon (meaning I have gained experience in that field), and beat the Ender Dragon on Easy (not peaceful) difficulty.
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