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Natural disaster- 2009 Australian bushfires

No description

Graeme Adam

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Natural disaster- 2009 Australian bushfires

BLACK SATURDAY By Cameron Adam 8B What causes bushfires? The causes of a bushfire is resurge of fuel, oxygen and a ignition source. The thing that determines how fast a fire will travel and how hot the fire will be all depends on ambient temperatures, fuel load, fuel moisture, wind speed and wind slope. Generally speaking the more intense the fuel is the more intense the fire will be, as the fire moves along the ground the fire will pick up things such as sticks and rubbish which will make the fire bigger. Source- ga.gov.au Some fires are made by leaving a fire unattended others are made by having an open fire on a hot dry windy day. Many fires are made by people throwing there cigarettes on the ground. Grass fires mainly happen in open fields or on a large area, these fires many burn down fences, sheds and could even burn animals. A small percent of fires are made up of eucalyptus trees these fires can be difficult to control because of the highly flammable pollen this can cause large fireballs and large amounts of smoke. Source- Ema.gov.au Has it happened before in this region? Bushfires have happened before in Melbourne in South Australia in 1983 there was a fire which claimed 73 lives and was given the name ash Wednesday. There was also another terrible fire in 1968 in the Blue Mountains and costal region where 14 lives were lost during this fire.source-Ema.gov.au One of the worst bushfires on record was Ash Wednesday the fire was in 1983 and lasted till the 16-18 Feb. The fire killed 75 people and burned down almost 1900 houses the fire spread rapidly through Victoria and South Australia the fire had gale force winds and a very low humidity. The third worst fire on record is the black Friday fire which was in 1939 it killed 71 people and 650 houses were destroyed source-www.australiangeographic.com.au Why do bushfires occour? The main reason bushfires start is from lightning 26% of bushfires are started because of lightning strikes when the lighting hits the tree the tree catches fire and then the fire spreads to the ground from there the grass catches fire making a grass fire. Many fires are also man made from people throwing smokes on the ground and litter. Some fires can start eith just a little spark or it can start with a big spark. Some of the reasons bushfires occur in Australia is because of high wind gusts and low humidity which can start a fire in seconds and can spread within 10 minutes. This makes fires very risky to be near and which is why the Government urges people to get out of their house. Wiki answers.com Population Kings lake had a population of just 1.342 it was one of the worst towns affected by black Saturday in 2009 . Gold was discovered on mount slide in 1861 near a mountain that later became known as mount rush. Wiki.com King lake was one of the worst affected towns by black Saturday and had a population of 1.060 on the west side and had just 282 on the east side making it a very small town. Job sectors The main job sectors affected by black Saturday are the shops because people could not get to them because of the smoke and fire. Another job affected by the black Saturday would be fire fighters because they would have to fight the big flames and they would only have so many people to help fight the big fire. Source- firesaftey.gov Death toll and comparioson 173 people died in the bushfires. 7 people died in the floods in Australia. More than 18.000 thousand people died in the Japanese earthquake. State living of victoria.gov The Death toll for the Japanese earthquake went past 10.000 and was the highest earthquake to hit Japan. The Australian floods death toll was 85 and went on for 2 weeks. The Black Saturday bushfires started in king lake and went on for 5 weeks and killed 173 people Goverment responce The NSW Government this month released its response to the recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and announced $106.9 million in funding for bushfire protection urbanalyst.com The government will spend about 900million dollars to help bushfire victims and to prevent another bushfire from starting. The government is also going to hire another 612 fire fighters to help if another bushfire starts. Some people think that the government acted fast enough but some think that he should have acted faster and they reckon that they should have done more to help the victims. ABC.net.au The effect it had on the public The effect that the black Saturday had on the is the public lost their loved ones they also lost their house, car and most importantly their job. Some of the public has lost photos or pets. Most of the community has lost their jobs so they can no longer support their families or themselves. Source- Wiki answers Storys of people on black saturday Rich and poor Rich and poor country is affected by the fire because they can get more help faster when they need it. Poor countries do not have as many people as rich countries so they cannot get help very fast, rich country do have allot of people so they can get help fast because they have more people to take on the jobs and they have the money to get the supplies. Source- Wikipedia.com.au Rich and poor people are differently affected by the black Saturday bush fire because the rich people can build new houses and get more food for them but the poor people have to go into homeless shelters and get houses from the government. Source- help bushfire victems.com Better prepared The community could be prepared better before the fire by checking their phones to see if they have a message about the fire, they could also practise there fire ready plan by pretending there was a fire and putting their plan into action. The third thing they could do leave the day before the fire and seek the nearest help. The last thing they could do is to check the fire.gov sites to check there fire danger warnings. Lex lived in the country and she lived with her husband she had no children. One day she was working in her shop and all of a sudden her husband rang her up and told her there eas a fire getting near the farm, she was instantly worried about her sheep and other animals. She went home to give the animals food and water and then she went back to her shop. Her husband said he would stay behind to look after the farm but lex left straight away she left and went to live in a flat and her husband left her and she never saw him again. Source abc.net.au Steve was right in the middle of the black Saturday bushfires and his house burnt to the ground when the bushfires were over he decided to make a house 11 meters under the earth. The house was made of concrete and the house was able to stand up to any fire. The room was filling with smoke and all the cars outside blew up but Steve had arranged a diesel pickup truck outside so that what they used to drive away in. Source abc.net.au http://www.abc.net.au/innovation/blacksaturday/#/stories/mosaic/showid/0000022 bibliographie
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