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Hospice Care


Shannon Wilkes

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Hospice Care

Care Source Services Residents Physical Facility Results Family Access 24/7
Ability to Sleep over- pull out beds
Accommodating room for Family
Library, Movie Theater, Chapel
Bereavement Counselors
Ability to speak with Provider
Respite Care
Home Health Care
Hospice Attending physician- FNP
1 nurse/ 2 CNA’s for every 6 patients
Spiritual/ Bereavement counselors
Physical, Occupational Speech Therapist
Counseling, Short-Term Respite Care
Massage (1 per month) Pet (weekly), Water, Aroma, Art, Music Therapy
Medications Hospice Care LOBBY Meals Annie Felt
Sophia Ortiz
Marisol Masella
Shannon Wilkes
Respite Care 100% covered by Medicare
Suite and additional services paid out of pocket
$185.00/day single room
$205.00/day suite Cost for Inpatient Hospice 1) General inpatient care
Acutely ill patients
2) Routine care with room and board
Lack caregiver or cannot stay in home
3) Respite care
Caregivers need short respite from duties Café Available
Flexible meal plans/ personalized meal plans
3 meals a day and snacks Clothing Residents can wear personal clothing or gowns provided by Care Source
Medical staff wear clean, black scrubs
Employees wear casual, but professional clothing Outpatient Options "The Residence"
Inpatient Options Pros:
Accommodating to Family
Care based on Individualized Needs
ROOM Future Practice:
We all agreed we would want to work in this facility
Nurse to patient ratio 1:6
Clean and professional environment
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