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Zayn Malik

No description

Kae Sumaculub

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik
Leaves One Direction
Did you hear the news?
One Direction now has 4 members thanks to Zayn Malik.
His departure of the band was on March. 25th,2015 so not too long ago

About Him
Zayn Malik was born on January 1993 (22 years old)
Grew up in Bradford, Yorkshire (England)
He has a fear of water, or swimming to be exact, also known as Aquaphobia
His real name is spelt as "Zain" but prefers "Zayn"
He was the 2nd oldest One Direction member after Louis Tomlinson
Engaged the Little Mix's memeber Perrie Edwards
What was Zayn's decision
About One Direction
They are a Irish-British pop boy band.
Each One Direction member were found during the Xfactor UK 2010.
The band was formed by Simon Cowell while he was a judge in the Xfactor UK at the time.
Liam Payne auditioned in 2008, got in, but didn't get past Simon's house.

Zayn thought that after 5 years of being in the most popular band in the world, he decided to finally leave an become someone "normal".
What do you mean by normal? I mean that he didn't want all the attention and people following around evryday as he had before.
I can't blame him because during Irish 1D member's, Niall Horan, nephew's baptism, fans came to the church and were doing whatever to get his attention instead of at least congratulating anyone.
Talk about some directioners they are.
Zayn decided to join someone named "Naughty
Boy" ,who is also an artist, but it's not official.
Any other possibilities?
Zayn and Perrie are getting married this year.
That might be another reason for him to feel like he should leave because of the wedding.
It would make sence to leave for a while so nothing interfeares with the wedding, but to leave forever just for this? Noooooooo
^^^just a possiblity
But I guess I can understand because It's obvious that they love eachother so much.
Fun Fact:
Zayn got a tattoo resembling Perrie! <3 <3
Their album "Four" had come out representing that it was their forth album, not because of Zayn.
Zayn decided to leave their 2015 tour early because he wasn't feeling like himself or whatever. His last concert day was in Hong Kong.
Harry Styles started to cry during Zayn's last day with them in Hong Kong. Obviously they would feel sad because 5 years together as a band is pretty long.

People have been saying that Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry have been banned from their wedding.
Idk if this is real or not....
Zayn was, as people say, was cheating in Thailand and Perrie blamd in on the boys.
-Warning: abusive content-
-please leave the room or look away if you feel confortable-
For like a minute or so
{like actually}
What dumbos do
#cut4zayn :/
You people are crazy
More rumors
-come back ppl if anyone left-
It has been said that Zayn took at least a year to make hs decision of leaving.
Former JLS star, Ortise Williams, is a part of this.
Apparently he talked to Zayn about about how struggling ,while in the band, could turn into a terrible situation. He was getting Zayn to be more confident in his career.
Cool hat
Even mooooooore rumors.... /:(
Harry was considered as Zayn's biggesst suppoter and now feels betrayed.
He feels very disrespected by Zayn because he just left everything just like that.
I think that it's pretty obvious that this isn't a true story because after all those years, Harry would most likey understand and let Zayn be.
But if this is true, I would understand him in a way because after all they've been together as the bestest friends, Zayn leaves.
fake smile
WHAT simon cowell has to say
Celebs reactions
why does it matter?
You ppl might be asking why would i even choose a topic like this...
Well personally, I like one direction, but I'm not completley devestated that Zayn left.
I don't feel like there's really a difference now... I mean, sure there's a gap in the band but after he left, no one really cared.
So why did I still choose this topic?
It intrested me how all these rumors could really make others realize that the most poular band ever can always have their downsides. I really hate how people make ruors that make no sence at all, like how Perrie banned the rest of the boys from their wedding. Like why would she do that when the boys were the ones who helped Zayn become sooooooo popular and noticed throughout the world.
When I heard about #cut4zayn I was thinking "how could people be so dumb"? He's not dead or anything like that.
Overall, I am quite dissopointed, but whatever It's okay.
(My opinion)
March/April current events
orginally made by Kae Sumaculub
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