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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Revolutionary War

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Jesse Mossholder

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of the Revolutionary War

Advantage #1:

George Washington

Three reasons:
A. Experience in War
B. Knew British tactics
C. From the south

Advantage #2:

Home field advantage

Advantage #3:

Cause to fight for

Advantage #4:

Help from the French

American Colonists are fed up with being mistreated by English parliament.

After multiple taxes against colonists and ignorance toward citizens, Americans no longer could tolerate the tyranny they were enduring.

England took colonists for granted, did not take the war seriously. The following slides will go through advantages and disadvantages of both armies.
Reasons for the War:
Continental Army: Advantages
Disadvantage #1:

Little Experience (not trained or equipped). Army in poor fighting condition

Disadvantage #2:

Little to No Money for Troops

Disadvantage #3:

Short Enlistment

Disadvantage #4: Small Population:
- 1/5 (Loyalists)
- 2/5 (Neutral)
- 2/5 (Patriots)

Disadvantage #5: No Industry
Continental Army Disadvantages:
Hit and Run (Guerrilla Warfare)

Drag out war so English would give up

Seek help from foreign nations
Continental Army War Plans:
Advantage #1:

Richest Nation in the World

Advantage #2-4:

- 6 to 1 population over Americans
- #1 Industry
- Best Military

British Army Advantages:
Win Quickly

Use Loyalist Support

Use Native Americans as Allies
British Army War Plans:
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Revolutionary War
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