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A Dog's Purpose Book Report

No description

Grace Zimmel

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of A Dog's Purpose Book Report

A Dog's Purpose By:W. Bruce Cameron Grace Zimmel
Period 7/8
11/29/12 Setting Setting 1 Setting 1 A Dog Pound Setting 2 Ethan's House Setting 3 Jakob's House
(a.k.a training facility) The title, A Dogs Purpose, relates to the ideas in this book
because a dog is trying to find his true purpose by being reborn
to several different lives of a dog. Setting 4 Ethan and Sarah's Farm Characters Toby (a.k.a Bailey, Buddy or Ellie) Main Character Personality Traits Loyal- He always tries to please his owners
by doing things when he is told. Determined- As a rescue dog Toby never
gave up when finding or rescuing people,
even if it caused him to get hurt. Loving- If any one of his owners
were sad or upset he would stay
with them and make them feel better Toby changes a lot throughout the story.
He goes from a homeless dog to an adopted family dog to
a rescue and service dog. He learns how to survive in the wild,
not be afraid of humans and obey them and be a service dog.
These changes help him figure out what his purpose is. Ethan Toby's first and last owner. Jakob Toby's rescue dog trainer Conflict Toby is trying to find his purpose through several different lives. Toby is homeless and struggles to figure out what to do and make decisions on his own. Wendi Antagonist Protagonist Small Character vs self Toby's Goal To find his purpose on earth What prevents him Bad owners, such as Wendi His own decisions, like when
he ran away or got into trouble Sad events in his life Wendi decided she didn't want and
a dog and didn't like Toby. From reaching his goal Climax l Toby was given to Wendi by her boyfriend as a gift. Since she lived in a condo she couldn't keep the dog. She
also didn't like Toby so she chained him up outside her condo. She then left him on the side of the road. Since he was homeless before he knows how to get food and water, but still has no place to live. Resolution After walking in the woods, Toby picks up
a familiar smell. He then realizes that it is
Ethan, his previous owner. After following
the sent he came across Ethan's grandparents
farm. There he finds Ethan, but he is old and is married to
a girl named Sarah. Ethan takes Toby in and keeps him.
After realizing the similarities of Toby and Bailey,
he realizes Toby is Bailey. They live together until
Ethan dies. Toby realizes his true purpose is being
loyal to his owners. The author feels that
a dog should be treated
well since they are loyal to
their owners. Theme The author's message is that you will have to try many
things to fulfill your purpose on Earth. You should also try hard
and to your best at everything you do. Setting 4 Wendi's House
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