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The Loss of Acadia and Its Aftermath

The Loss of Acadia and Its Aftermath was my group's and my topic given by our teacher to do a computerized presentation on and well here it is!! I hope you learn out of our prezi!! Thank you!!

Ruxsana Sritharan

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of The Loss of Acadia and Its Aftermath

The Loss

of Acadia
and Its

Acadia was France's second colony in Eastern North America.The King didn't really care about Acadia and so it was attacked,from many sides so it couldn't be defended. Also,the military was concentrated on New France.The war of spanish succession was with the French and the Britain and it was very important because it led to the loss of Acadia.
History-Grade 7 (book)
Q.I.D: Quick, Important,Details!









Acadia's Importance to the Development of Canada
By: Amutha, Ruxsana, Raisa,Samiya
It is now time for a short three minute video informing you a little bit about the loss of Acadia. This video was made by some young smart grade sevens like us. Please bring your attention to this video..."The Loss of Acadia 7-3.
Now, this may be a bit different ,but we hope you were listening because it's time for a Friendly Fun Trivia!!!Remember,
this does include prizes!!!
The Loss of Acadia

Acadia didn't do much to the development of Canada, but they still remark Canada's history. In our present day, the Acadian's remains of their culture and society are in parts of eastern Quebec and New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, some cultures and traditions from Acadians are still held like the present fishery. Did you know they also have a beach vacation that enriches their culture. Many tourists like to explore the hearty woods to learn more about the Acadian culture.

In the eastern part of Quebec, many remains like the church of Acadia is present. It looks very old but is still has many memories of the past Acadian history.

Expulsion of

the Acadians
Later on in 1713 treaty of Utreach allowed France to keep Caribbean if they gave up Acadia so then Acadia became a British Colony.The Acadians were told to take an oath of Allegiance of loyalty to the British king.
Since the king was English and the Acadians were Roman Catholic,they refused to take an oath.In 1755 for that reason about 1760 of 10,000 Acadians were expelled.Later on many of the Acadians went to New Orleans.
Did you know that Acadia is also known as a GMC jeep brand?!

Did you know Giovanni Da Verrazzano , an Italian explorer is said to be the first to name Acadia?
"When did all of this happen?", you may ask, and the answer is between the time periods of 1694-1755. Many colonies and wars also occurred between these time periods. For example, in 1671, the first Acadian Census (an official counting of the population) happened. It took place in Port Royal (the olden day name for Nova Scotia). Can you believe that this was the first Census that happened in Canada?

Acadians: Who Are They?
You might be wondering who are the Acadians? Are they positive or negative? Were they known to be wealthy or poor? Well, you'll know now! The Acadians are the descendants of the French settlers and the Metis, of some parts of Acadia, in the northeastern region of North America.
The Acadians were known to be good people. Since the British won in the war, the Acadians were trapped in the British colonies. They soon escaped. They had some bad times in their past.
Before Acadia was founded,Europ-eans and fisherman would come on the land and trade.
Acadian settlements spread throught the Atlantic ocean
Ownership of Acadia was tossed back and forth between French and the English.
The first Census took place in Port Royal.
Acadia became a British colony
Louis berg became British.
1760 of 10,000 Acadians were expelled.
Acadians slowly started to return in small group.
Acadians settle in Louisiana.
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