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Introduction to Shakespeare

Theatre 105, Day 13

Jean-Gerald Tartiere

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Shakespeare

Life and Times WILLIAM
SHAKESPEARE Queen Elizabeth I
Shakespeare Elizabethan
England Shakespeare's "Lost Years":
1585 - 1592 Life of
William Shakespeare The First Folio:
Published 1623 Shakespeare's Plays Globe Theatre Shakespeare's
MARLOWE Shakespeare's Rivals
Contemporaries Theatre on other, "dirty" side
of River Thames;
prostitution & gambling
outside and in same neighborhood Theatre
WEBSTER "The White Devil" (1608)
"The Duchess of Malfi" (1612) "Tamburlaine the Great" (1587)
"Doctor Faustus" (1588)
"The Jew of Malta" (1588) "The Spanish Tragedy" (1592) "Volpone" (1605) FRANCIS BEAUMONT
JOHN FLETCHER "The Maid's Tragedy" (1610)
"A King and No King" (1611) Building an Indoor Jacobean Theatre & Blackfriars Introduction Shakespeare:
Birth and Schooling Shakespeare's Legacy
Modern Influence Queen Elizabeth I
(1533 - 1603)
Reign: 1558 - 1603 Wealthy:
Extravagant Lives Average Life Expectancy: 27
65% of Population DEAD by age 16 Great Chain of Being:
God -> Angels -> Man -> Animals -> Plants -> Demons/Satan Sir Francis Drake's Voyage Around World
+ Sir Walter Raleigh "discovering"
New World = English can do no wrong,
or so they thought. Elizabethan Era =
King Henry VIII ("Tudor Drama")
+ daughter Queen Elizabeth I
+ King James I ("Jacobean Era") + King Charles I Fixed
Stations Protestantism = Dominant English Religion
Conflicts between Protestants and Catholics b. 1564 d. 1616 Plays on
London Stage
by 1592 Wife: Anne Hathaway
Children: Susanna
(probably his favorite daughter) &
twins Hamnet (d. age 11) & Judith Wrote at least
37 Plays Most Work Written
Between 1589 - 1613 Actor
Playwright Shareholder in:
Companies- Lord Chamberlain's Men
& King's Men (Jacobean Era)
Theatres- Globe Theatre
& Blackfriars Theatre Elizabethan Entertainments: Theatre, Bear-baiting, Public Executions Tudor Drama: More Classically-Influenced
Elizabethan Drama: Marlowe & Shakespeare
Jacobean Drama: More Mayhem & Violence Elizabethan
Theatre Structure Elizabethan
Introduction Wealthy, Noble Patrons
Theatre Companies At least 37 Plays Comedies,
and More! Globe: open-air
Blackfriars: indoors Elizabethan
London Shakespeare's Popularity
In His Lifetime
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