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Nuclear Energy

No description

Brandon Watkins

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy
By: Brandon Watkins, Trevin Wilkerson, Arrien Camp, Jon Pannullo
Thorough Description
Did you know that uranium demand will double by 2030. Uranium is the element used to produce nuclear power. It's the most dangerous way to produce energy. It's waste after a reaction can take several thousand years to subdue.
A reaction starts when the workers pull out the uranium rods. Heat is then generated by nuclear fission.Neutrons smash into the nucleus of the uranium atoms, which split roughly to release heat. Carbon dioxide gas or water is then pumped through the reactor to take heat away, this then makes steam. The steam then drives turbines which drive generators.
So, nuclear power plants are not prone to "meltdowns" or "explosions", they're just a more efficient, some-what cleaner way to produce energy.
Heat Water To
Make Steam
Steam Turns
Turbine Turns
Electrical Power
Flow Map
Pros and Cons
Doesn't contribute to green house gas effect
Not Expensive
Produces huge amounts of energy from little amounts of fuel
Little waste
Very dangerous waste
Very dangerous itself
Impacts On Enviorment
Pollutes water used to cool reactors
Nuclear Power : Jill Karson
Thank You!!!
Gives of green house gases and radiation
Heat radiation kills fish or drives them away
Don't emit smoke
Give of natural gases
Non renewable
Lots of money has to be spent on safety
Can harm enviorment
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