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Introduce Myself

No description

宴葶 林

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Introduce Myself

Introduce myself
I like listening to music
and watching a movie on TV or Internet
to learn English.
I also like exercising in the morning, such as jogging and jumping rope. Sometimes, I bike with my dad.
I come from Taiwan
My name is Yan-Ting Lin.
My star sign is ,
so I have an easygoing personality.
I am quite confident that
I was born to succeed.
I wish I could fly...
When I was a little girl
This is my resume
Recently, I have loved watching Bollywood movies.
2:24 English Vinglish
After passing the test entering the college, I succeeded in making funny friends, and getting a part-time job. Now, I am working as an assistant to a English teacher. What's more, I am such a good student that most teachers and classmates like me.
Also, I know how to make
good use of
Microsoft Excel.
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