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Harold Holt

Harold Holt

Alicia Caffery

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Harold Holt

How would you use your information to come up with what you think might have happened to Harold Holt
Australian History
The rumors of Harold Holt's disappearance and how it effected Australia

Some of the rumors are he might have been eaten by a shark, assassinated by secret agents from the Soviet Union, possibly picked up by a chinese submarine, he might have committed suicide or been picked up by a UFO and many more rumors.

The strange thing about Holt's disappearance is that the body was never recovered, and this has led to different theories surrounding what actually happened.
How would I classify the disappearance of Harold Holt
Well because Harold Holt was a Prime Minister of Australia that the effect was quite harsh, surprising and will remain a mystery and was very shocking to everyone.

This is a swimming pool named after Harold Holt and he use to go swimming there.

This is a picture of
Harold Holt's Swim
I think Harold Holt got taken out in a big wave called a rip and might not of known that rip's travel to the back of the ocean and come back to the same spot and then doesn't happen again.
Can I list the parts that Harold Holt did that day?
Well according to the information I've collected Harold Holt woke up early to go to the beach surfing with his friends they stayed there all day then it started to get late so his friends said"it's getting late were going to leave," so they left and after they left the waves started to get bumpy and a man jogging on the cliff and heard Harold scream"HELP ME!" so the man rang the police and all these other places for help but no one believed he and said" No your lying," and by the time he came back with help Hold wasn't there any more. This was a big part in history that will always remain a mystery.
My presentation on
Australian History
The disappearance of Harold Holt
This is Harold Holt
These are some of the rumors of the disappearance
Leads to
What would happen if Harold Holt lived?
I think if Harold Holt lived it would of changed what happened after maybe it was for the best but if he lived it would be a hole different Australian history story.
this is a picture of the
beach and the cliff
Harold and the stranger
once stood.
Important Information
Beach: Cheviot Beach near Portsea, VIC.
Born: 5th August 1908, Stanmore, Sydney
Death: 17th December 1967
Children: Nicholas(1937), Sam and Andrew(1939)
Marriage: 8th October 1946, Toorak, Melbourne
Fullname: Harold Edward Holt
Education: University of Melbourne (1927-1930)
Memberships: Australian Army (22 May 1940-20 October 1940)
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