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The Chieftest Mourner

by: Aida Rivera-Ford

auddie marie paglinawan

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of The Chieftest Mourner

The Chieftest Mourner Aida Rivera-Ford What is marriage? what is loyalty's role in marriage? would loyalty still count even though you have separated with your better half? if you have lost your better half for some new man/woman, how would you feel? would you still choose loyalty, knowing that he/she already have a replacement for you? characters Plot would you rather be the no. 1 or the no. 2? why? who do you think is in the wrong, the no. 1 or the no. 2? do you think it's immoral to love someone who's already married? why do you think the aunt remained loyal to the poet? who is the chieftest mourner? COMPLETE THE WORD!!! V__i_ _h__b _o_l c__mi___a___n __linq___t s_b__ u__e_ a__cr__y _o_b_r _u__r_y __pa_l__g p__ad__ __s__r_d p__s _a_nc_y p__to__l i__cr_p_i_n _a_r__eg_ _u__cro__ __v_d __rd_ h_r_i_ _u_r__l__t s__a__y b___en follow-up questions: How important is the poet to the girl? To Sophia? To Esa? What is the girl's relationship with the poet? Who is the poet's wife? who is narrating the story? who is Esa? AssIGNMENT:

"YOU" are the poet. YOU’re still alive and you have to choose between no. 1 and no. 2. Who would you choose? Why her? Why not the other woman? pARTING MESSAGE:

"Out of trust, love and honesty---
loyalty is the most important"
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