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History Week 1

To be able to name and order Henry Vlll's wives. To be able to place and locate the Tudors in the context of the History of Great Britain.

Kirsty Flint

on 27 August 2009

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Transcript of History Week 1

The Tudors Week 1
Year 5 WALT:
We are learning about Henry Vlll's wive's and what order to place them in.
We are learning where the Tudors were in British history.

What skills am I learning?
I can use dates and terms accurately.
I can place changes of a period in history in a chronological framework. Assessing:
What do you know already about Henry Vlll?
What would you like to know?
How are you going to find out? You each have a grid in front of you.
Fill in the columns about what you know about Henry Vlll?
What you would like to know?
How are you going to research this?
Remember to put your names at the top of the grid. On your tables you have a number of different photos. These are
from different periods in British History. Working as a team on your table put them into the correct order. Each of you will hold one or two pictures. You need to stand in the correct order. Once you are happy that you have created an accurate timeline you will take a picture.
We will then compare them as a class. Let's look at each table's timeline photo.
Draw a picture of the timeline in your KUW book using a ruler and pencil.
Look at www.bbc.co.uk/history to see a timeline of British and Tudor History. Extension:
On your table are sheets of Henry Vlll's wives, with dates and names.
Complete the puzzle by putting the correct picture, name and dates together and stick them into your KUW book. See www.brims.co.uk/tudors to hear Tudor music and a quiz on Henry Vlll.
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