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William(Billy) Barker and the Cariboo Gold Rush

No description

Jeremy Gaza

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of William(Billy) Barker and the Cariboo Gold Rush

William (Billy) Barker Cariboo Gold Rush What was it? When was it? Why did it happen? Who was involved? Where was it? The Cariboo Gold Rush was a gold rush in British Columbia. Prospectors discovered Gold in 1859 at Horsefly creek, but the rush didn't start until 1861, then it was publicized in 1862. Most prospectors in the Cariboo Gold Rush were Canadian or British, Unlike the Fraser Canyon Gold rush which included more American Prospectors. The most famous Gold Rush town was Barkerville, which was located around William Barker's Richest gold mine claim. Billy Barker was born on the winter of 1817, in March, Cambridgeshire, England. Barker and his father were both "watermen". Their job was moving supplies like grain and lumber around the small canals of england in small boats. Barker married a widow in 1839, Jane Lavender, and their only child named Emma Eliza was born the following May. In the 1840s when railroads started it put Barker out of work, but he had a chance to go to the US to look for Gold at the california Gold Rush. So, he left his family to look for fortune. He worked as a miner, but had no luck in the California Gold Rush. He got his Free Miner's License at September 1859, during the Fraser River Gold Rush. After hearing Gold was being found near Williams creek, So Barker tried his luck further up the river which was harder to mine. Other miners thought he was crazy because working there was difficult and they thought he would find no gold. After digging 20 metres, Barker struck gold. Barker and comapny found a rich gold mine and soon Barkerville was the centre of trade and entertainment. In Barker's life he pulled out 37 500 ounces of gold in that one mine (40 milion Canadian dollars)! He died of Parkinson's disease or cancer in the Jaw. He died penniless in a nursing home in July 11, 1894. How did Barker Die Penniless!? Barker, although successful at finding a rich mine with tons of gold. He was very generous about his money. He would lend some money to people and sometimes not even get it back. Soon he ran out of money, So he tried to look for another rich mine. Sadly, He couldn't find any other mine that is rich as his original. Barkerville Barkerville was obviously named after William Barker. Barkerville was the main town of the Cariboo Gold Rush. Barkerville came to be because of Barker's claim, which had about 37, 500 ounces of gold. Barkerville grew as fast as the word of Barker's claim did. At first, there was nothing but cabins and tents. Soon Barkerville became a community with barbershops, general stores, boarding houses, theatres and Restaurants. Also the Chinese helped the growth of Barkerville also, they established some stores, sold hardwares mining equipment and also the Kwong-lee company. In 1950 the Province of British Columbia turned it into a historic site. Other Popular Claim's Cameron Claim Six-Toed Pete Claim on Williams Creek Aurora Gold Mining Claim on Williams Creek Mucho Oro Claim at Stouts Gulch
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