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Guatemalan Schools (;

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Landry Songer

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Guatemalan Schools (;

By Dustin, Jonathan, Ty, and Landry
Guatemalan Schools
Most kids walk to school, while the richer kids rode a bus.
Do Most students walk or drive to school?
What do the students do for fun? Sports? Band? What about after School?
Schools days usually range from 7:45am-12:50pm(reg.) or 7:30am-11:00am(informal). Informal schools end early because the kids who attend the school live on the streets of the city, selling fruit to people passing by, and the morning swell of customers come around 11:15.
In Guatemala, the school year starts in January and ends in October.
Over 31% of kids never start school, and less than 1/3 complete 9 years of school.
Guatemalan Schools (;

Public schools are more common because the students don't have to pay for school, and families have no money to private schools

The only kids that wear uniforms are the ones that can afford uniforms most families can't even afford food.
Public or Private schools,
Do students wear uniforms
Guatemala schools and advanced education
Curlatinamerica.blogspot|2008|09|thou-shalt- not- wear- school- uniforms.html
The common core classes for kids K-5th grades are Language Arts, Social Studies, Spanish, Science, and Math.

Due to the lack of money the Guatemalan schools have they do not have a great school program with advancements.
The schools however have rose from a 33.5% completion of education of students in 1996 all the way to 72.5% in 2006
The Math classes that are available in the Guatemalan schools for grade 8-12th are... 8th- Algebra 1 9th- Geometry 10th- Algebra 2 11th- They will offer AP classes 12th- They will offer AP classes
The total amount of total enrolled students in Guatemalan colleges is 88,000 students!
The total amount of enrolled students in the United States colleges is 31.1 million students
Although the United States has an enormous amount of students compared Guatemala, you also have to take the countries total population into consideration.
The main sport they play during school is soccer. After school they would kayak, dive, and snorkel in their free time. Not all schools had a band, only the richer schools had a band.
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