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No description

Alysse Zecha

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Toyota

TOYOTA Established in the US in 1957 Customer loyalty Famous marketing campaigns Product recalls The Problem:
Failed to exercise ordinary careand breached
its duty to manufacture and sell safe
automobiles Acceleration Safety Problems
-Ruined reputation Fail to maintain quality Legal Obligation failure to notify government RECRUITING PROBLEMS
-Toyota needs high performers in skilled maintenance positions High math skills Critical and analytical thinkers Excellent communicators Can learn difficult and complex material FAST
Broad skill sets to be successful in every technical discipline Excellent Team workers, interpersonal skills,
conflict management skills Toyota's Strategy & Changes... Crisis management Neither growth or retrenchment Stabilization Toyota is not only fixing its
accelerator issue but its
safe reputation Focus is on the customer Toyota will decrease the length of
the gas pedal to 20 millimeters Fixing the flooring under the pedal Technical field examination and testing New BRAKING SYSTEM Toyota will update the braking systems' software The break will ALWAYS take
precedent over the
accelerator Toyota plans to install a new braking
system in the :
-Toyota Camry model
-Toyota Avalon model
-Lexus ES 350
-Lexus IS 350
-IS 250 models Toyota's NEW focus... Have been slow in responding to customer complaints...
....55% of customers thought Toyota was too slow to respond Focus BACK on to the customer Focus back on Toyota's core beliefs Changing their communication system...
--->Change in internal and external communication
which includes improving communication within:
-government Toyota's Marketing Strategy -Maintain Market Share

-Retain existing customers Toyota new sales campaign in China includes:

-Sales incentives
-Zero percent loans
-free insurance and fuel
-roadside service Our suggestions to Toyota New Ad Campaign Easier Car Check-ups Extended Warranty SWOT analysis.... Strengths..

-Strong marketing
-increase finances in market share
-strong research and development

-Socio-Cultural: Makes large range of vehicles for
dynamic demographic WEAKNESSES

-Marketing only in majority of US and Japan
-R/D: Quality issues

-Economy: Fluctuating prices of raw materials
and exchange rates OPPORTUNITIES...

-Natural Resources: First innovator of the hybrid
-Technology: Enhance car computer systems
-Socio-cultural: continued global expansion

-Marketing: Developing new electric cars
-R/D: Develop new cars that respond to social
and institutional needs THREATS

-Mgt: Reliability
-Mkt: Competitive marketing campaigns

-Economy: Existing competition as well as a recession
-Natural Resources: Rising price of oil
-Government regulations
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