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High School Algerbra 1

No description

Bruce Lee

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of High School Algerbra 1

Smart Board Technology
Algebra 1

Math Specifics
A real-world example
The Result
By using SMART products to make math concepts tangible, educators are helping students build a foundation of knowledge that will ensure their success. Students also have the opportunity to expand their technical knowledge and most of all have fun !!
The Background
The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and whiteboarding software
Visual learners can see their work projected and gain immediate feedback on their work. Auditory learners can use different software
to interact with the board. Tactile learners can use different colored pens to write
on the board and highlight important ideas.
The Usage
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