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The Decade of the 1980's

Information on the culture, technology, news makers and the arts from the 1980's

Eric Liu

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of The Decade of the 1980's

2. Visual Entertainment Music In the 1980s many new canadian bands became recegnized around the world. Some of these bands including, Brian Adams, Rush, The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies and Loverboy are still heard on the radio today. In the 1980s Canadian music gained more popularity partly due to the increase of CANCON, which forced all radio broadcasters to play more content from Canadian bands. The creation of Much Music also gave artists a place to showcase their music to the public 24/7. On the national stage Canadians were getting recegnized too. With the Live Aid concert in 1985, Canadian artists at the event were broadcast all over the world. The event was organized to help raise money to help stop famine in Africa. For the event Brian Adams created a new group of all Canadian artists called the "Northern Lights." Together the group wrote a song called "Tears are Not Enough," this song was much like the song "We Are The World." "Tears are Not Enough" gained instant national popularity and was a hit worldwide. Technology Mobile Mediums for Music

o Walkman
o Cassette Player
o Boombox 1. Mobile Music 3. Global Communication Visual Entertainment Machines

film reel ==> VCR

home computer + GUIs

arcade machines Culture Script GUI Fashion designers no longer focused on directing their clothing at adolescents
Fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren became very popular
Serious and Business-like Fashion "Yuppies" Other Fashion Trends: wearing neon bright colours and teasing hair to the extreme
Dyed their hair multiple colours
Wore Vivid Makeup
Super tight stone-washed and/or leather jeans
Spandex, Leg Warmers and Exercise Clothing Fashion Icons Madonna
Michael Jackson
Princess Diana MTV (Music Television) Music Television (MTV) is a popular television network which is devoted to playing music videos daily
First broadcast on August 1, 1981
At first, MTV rarely played music videos by black artists
Finally, MTV agreed to play Michael Jackson's music video for "Billie Jean"
Promoted music and helped artists become successful
Had a huge influence of teenagers World Communications

World Wide Web connected world

Answering machine, flexible calling

First cell phones EXERCISE TREND In the 1980s, people were obsessed with being fit and healthy
Exercise books and videos and exercise equipment became really popular
Olivia Newton-John's music video "Let's get physical" shows unfit men becoming really fit and is set in a gym
Movies that promoted exercise, such as Dirty Dancing, became popular also.
Exercise clothes were really popular, some people would even wear them when they weren't exercising to look athletic. CABBAGE PATCH KIDS News Makers Very popular with young girls
Parents would start riots for these toys at the mall (some even went to jail)
Each doll is unique
Your entire reputation as a parent counted on whether or not you got your daughter a cabbage patch doll
Named the "most successful toy introduction in the history of the toy industry" the Discovery of AIDs Famine Humanitarianism Tragedy Fall of the Berlin Wall
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