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Doggie Paws

dog walking advertisement

Sumin Yoo

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Doggie Paws

Doggie Paws
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Do you have a dog? If so, do you walk him/her everyday? And do you think your dog is getting enough exercise?
Dogs should be getting 30-60 minutes of exercise daily.
If not, your dog is at risk of getting diabetes, respiratory disease, or heart disease.
We're here to give your dog the exercise he/she needs.
We will also work on training commands. These commands include sit, stay, down, leave it, and roll over. If you would like any other commands, please tell us and we will work on it.
You want to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy, so you have to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. If you are unable to provide that, that is why we are here.
The Math
We have outstanding quality to provide for your dogs' needs such as #1 rated treats, new/unused leashes if you don't own any, fresh water, etc.
We also have 4 different dog walkers if you want to see who your dog works best with. 3 out of 4 of us currently own our own dogs whom we walk on our own.
The length of the walk is to be decided by you, but keep in mind that the price rises the longer you walk.
Under your request, we will also work on training commands(sit, stay, down, leave it, roll over) and any others you would like.
Description of Service

Presented by: Anna Bartley, Amya Heath, Aleeza Rao, and Sumin Yoo
Fixed Costs:
Leashes-$14 each x4 - $56
Water Dishes-$7 each x4 - $28
Variable Cost:
Treats-$10 [300 count( 3 per walk per dog) $0.10 per dog per walk]
Hand Wipes-$11 [448 count ($0.02 per dog per walk)]
Plastic Water Bottles-$4 [35 count ($0.12 per dog per walk)]
Dog Waste Bags-$14 [700 count ($0.02 per dog per walk)]
Target Market:
We welcome dog owners of any age and gender.
Getting out the word:
We will give our business cards to the customers after we walk their dog and if they liked our service ask them to tell their friends.
We are limited to Northville and Novi
As a group, we hope that you are interested in our service. When you need a dog walker, we hope that you think of us, Doggie Paws. Thank you for choosing Doggie Paws.
Doggie Paws
Dog Walking Service
We will put our business card on bulletin broads at grocery stores and the library.
Business Card:
training commands
$7 per walk
y=7x (walking sales)[red line]
y=0.26x+84 (walking costs) [Green line]

x=12.36 (break even on thirteenth walk)
52(5)=260(7)=$1820 (earnings per year)
52(5)=260(0.26)=$67.60 (cost to walk a dog per year)
1745/4=$436.25(amount of money each person earns)
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