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No description

Brandon Eads

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Proposal

Average - 3.4 or 29%
2010 - 1.3
2011 - 1.5
2012 - 4.5
2013 - 2.1
2014 - 3.5

Average - 4.0 or 25%
2010 - 3.2
2011 - 4.3
2012 - 5.8
2013 - 4.2
2014 - 4.7
SOW/Project Based Work
Due Date
Point of Contact
Cost Breakdown
Guidelines and Protocols that establish realistic expectations on both CNO and the vendor.
Volume Discounts
Total Placements - 57
2010 - 5
2011 - 11
2012 - 11
2013 - 15
2014 - 15
Completion - over 90%
20 Offices
2500+ Contractors in 40 States
Top 10% Nationally (Revenue)
Pattern for 30% Annual Growth for 13 Years
Offices in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Philadelphia
Indy - Rep: Brandon Eads
8 Technical Recruiters
Chi - Rep: Mike Barre
8 Technical Recruiters
Philly - Rep : Amanda Lanza
6 Technical Recruiters
National Services : Overflow
History with CNO
Partnership began in 2003
Strong personal relationships
Adept understanding of projects, climate, and individuals
For Every 3 Positions we receive we fill 1
Brooksource Statistics
Skill Sets Placed
Salesforce.Com Tester
Project Manager
QA Tester
Deployment Tech
Desktop Support
Field Services Analyst
Program Manager
Business Analyst
VB.Net Developer
Database Developer
FileMaker Pro
Cyberlife Consultant
BI Reporting Lead
Project Coordinator
Sales Reporting Analyst
Data Reporting Analyst
Summer Intern
Web Producer
Front-End Developer
BLN Analyst
Documentation Writer
Salesforce.com Consultant
Excel Analyst
Java Developer
Skill Sets for CNO
Adobe Air Developer
LifeRay Developer
Helpdesk Technician
Actuarial Analyst
Salesforce.com Administrator
CRM Project Manager
Java Architect
Web Content Specialist
Telephony Architect
Telephony Integration Specialist
ASP.Net Architect
Autosys Administrator
Middleware Administrator
Multimedia Designer
Systems Analyst
Data Warehouse Analyst
Release Manager
Salesforce.com Developer
UI Designer
Cobol Programmer
Oracle DBA

Average - 1.9 or 53%
2010 - 2.4
2011 - 2.9
2012 - 1.3
2013 - 2.0
2014 - 1.3
Guidelines and Protocols
Submittal Requirements
Creating uniform and set requirements for how each vendor submits candidates will speed up the process
Scorecards are a great way for vendors to see where they are exceeding or coming up short.

Ranking vendors allows them to see where they stand amongst other vendors.
Vendor Coordinator
The Vendor Coordinator will be primarily responsible for the management of Vendor Partners to include dispatching, scheduling, follow up, and evaluation
Pain Points
Positions Washing
Rate Matrix
Getting Candidates in the Door
Best Candidate for the Money
The competitive bidding scenario is often the best method available for obtaining the best pricing and, if done correctly, the best value.
Who is the correct individual to escalate to?
How long is ownership?
Does ownership count for all of CNO?
Manager turn around time?
Best lead time?
Using a Checklist?
A volume discount promotes using a select few vendors.

Once CNO has spent 1 Million Dollars on our services we will refund 1%. After 2 Million Dollars we will refund 3% of all expenditures over 2 Million Dollars.

Spending to Date:
Email Subject Line: Title of position/Candidate Name/Vendor Name

Answers to Screening Questions:
Any concerns with the candidate (if applicable):
Availability to phone/video interview:
Availability to interview in person:
Availability to start:
Bill Rate:
Salary Expectations:
Scorecard Criteria

Sub to Start
Sub to Interview
# of placements
Reqs Received to Reqs Accepted

Less positions wash
More competition on requirements
Single point of contact
Streamlines the process
Competitive Difference
Labor Market Consulting
High Internal Retention Rates
Quality Metrics
A consultative individualized approach that is comprehensive, dynamic, and scalable for all of CNO's needs.
Recruitment Process Model
Build out rules, policies, procedures to streamline the process
Submittal Requirements
Reference Checks
Small Biography
Candidate has been met
Job Description
Start Date
Interview Details/Times
Bill Rate

Hire off a Resume
Phone Screen
Face to Face
Background Check
Drug Screen
2 Weeks or Less
Vendor Coordinator
Continual Process Improvement
This is a fluid program dedicated to serving CNO's wants and needs.
Full transcript