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Water uses

Gallons and gallons of h2o

nick riemann

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of Water uses

Water By the Gallon How much water is needed to create things that we use everyday? 400 gallons are needed for a dozen eggs 33 gallons of water will yield one
pack of strawberries from Costco! One cow will use approximately 816 600 Gallons of water in its lifetime, including... Mooooo!
1857 gallons of water are needed
to produce one pound of ground beef 469 gallons of water are needed
to produce one pound of chicken 589 gallons of water are needed
to produce a package of processed cheese! One t-shirt requires... What About Clothing? Yo!
Yogurt needs 138 litres for one family sized tub to be shared by your family! 766 Gallons! One cotton bedsheet requires... One pair of blue jeans requires... 2900 Gallons! 2880 Gallons! 808 400 gallons of water for 18700 pounds of pasture, feed and hay 6300 gallons are for drinking 1900 gallons are for cleaning stables and barnyards 9-1 is awesome!
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