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I&RS Prezi Draft

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on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of I&RS Prezi Draft

Everything you wanted to know........
What is I&RS?
Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) is a state mandated multidisciplinary team which designs, implements, and monitors
intervention plans for students experiencing one or more difficulties in learning, behavior, and/or health.

New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6, Subchapter 7 entitled "Intervention and Referral Services" clearly outlines the mandate to establish intervention and referral services, as well as the
function of the team. The school
staff and the community members'
roles for planning and implementing
I&RS are also delineated.

What does the I&RS Team do?
coordinates the access to and delivery of school resources to students experiencing difficulties in learning, behavior, and/or health

develops intervention plans

assists staff who are having difficulties
in addressing a students’ learning,
behavior, and/or health needs

maintains ongoing contact with parents, staff,
and students

When should I request assistance from I&RS?
Have you identified a difficulty?
Have you reviewed all records?
Have you consulted with your colleagues and.....
the nurse?
the school counselor?
the child study team?
Have you utilized strategies from your own toolkit?
Have you communicated your concerns to the parents?
Are any of the following
behavioral/learning/health difficulties impacting overall performance?
academic weaknesses and low test scores
anxiety or stress
poor focus and/or impulsivity
Have you used strategies from the "Above-the-Line Toolkit?"
Pre-I&RS Checklist
(Above-the-Line Interventions)
Identify student with difficulties
Review school records
Communicate concerns/observations to parents
Utilize strategies from your own "toolkit"
Consult with colleagues (teammates, administrators, school counselor, nurse, related arts teachers, past teacher(s), CST, related services--speech, BSI, Jumpstart, OT, PT)
Access "I&RS Above-the-Line Toolkit" (use suggested timeline) and notify chairperson

Take data and document
If you have done it all, and the student still shows no progress.......
Starting the I&RS Process...
Notify the parent of the I&RS Request for Assistance
Complete the Teacher Request for Assistance Form (located on Staff Share, All Google Documents and Sites, I&RS)
Attach current grades, standardized test scores (NJASK, CoGATS,) Jumpstart Profile Sheet (K-2,) and/or Language Arts Spreadsheet (3-5,) and all forms associated with the "I&RS Above-the-Line Toolkit."
Submit paperwork to I&RS chairperson at least one week prior to scheduled I&RS meeting
What happens at an I&RS meeting?
1. The committee asks questions and reaches a consensus on the student's problem. (10-15 mins.)
3. The committee brainstorms alternative interventions to accomplish the goal. (10 mins.)
4. The committee refines suggestions, creates a draft of an I&RS Action Plan, and clarifies interventions. (10 mins.)
Is this a recent or ongoing problem?
How does the student perform in class? School? Community?
How are the student's peer relations? Any changes?
Are there any medical or personal issues that may be affecting the student?

Quantity (as many as possible)
No comments (yes, no, but..)
Teacher selects suggestions for trial
5. A follow-up plan is developed; responsibilities are set.
What happens now?

The Action Plan is distributed to all members
of the team, including the parents.

The I&RS Team provides support to implementers of the Action Plan.

At a follow-up meeting, the I&RS team evaluates student progress, and makes decisions to either continue, modify, or
conclude any aspect of the Action Plan.

The I&RS Team consistently
communicates with parents.

A core unit provides continuity from case to case.
Administrative Code
Parental Involvement
Parents will be invited to a meeting with members of the I&RS team to finalize the Action Plan .

The purpose of this meeting is to:
provide parents with meaningful opportunities for participation in the I&RS process.
provide support to parents.
share and obtain specific, observable, and factual
information that could be helpful in the development of an I&RS Action Plan

The I&RS Action Plan is ready for implementation once the parent meeting has taken place.

2. The committee negotiates a measurable goal. (5 mins.)
or not!!!
Members of the I&RS team typically include the principal, supervisor, school nurse, school counselor, general education teachers, special education teachers, members of the Child Study Team and related services representatives.
Who's on the I&RS Team?
I&RS Team Members
If a student exhibits specific observable behaviors that indicate that he or she is experiencing learning, behavior or health difficulties, you may consider requesting assistance from I&RS.

Before requesting assistance, refer to the Pre-I&RS (Above-the-Line) checklist for information and interventions that may prove to be effective in promoting student progress.

What are the steps that are taken in the I&RS process?
1) Request for I&RS assistance;
2) I&RS meeting takes place;
3) Action Plan is designed and implemented;
4) Action Plan is monitored and reviewed; this plan is revised, expanded or discontinued depending on need.
Let's Recap!
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