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Coca-Cola: Glass vs. Plastic

Sensory Evaluation of Foods: Group Presentation

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Coca-Cola: Glass vs. Plastic

Coca Cola: Glass vs. Plastic Purpose Does soda from a glass really taste better than soda from a plastic bottle?

Test to see if subjects can perceive a difference between soda from a glass bottle versus soda from a plastic bottle

Test to see if glass is preferred over plastic Test Methodology Duo-Trio Test
- A sensory difference test
- Whether product differences result from a change in ingredients, processing, packaging, or storage
- Whether an overall difference exists

Preference Test
- A sensory test that measure the consumers liking of the samples

- A series of questions that measure how many panelists like/prefer different products Duo-trio Test:
- 18 out of 30 panelist correctly responded in the duo-trio test

Preference Test:
- 21 people preferred plastic, 9 people preferred glass

-Most people preferred and consumed Pepsico Brand Data Analysis Conclusion - There was no significant difference between samples

-Short of pre-training for those who could not separate the astringency and carbonation from the overall quality of the soda to taste the difference

- Further screening should be done before testing to account for people that do not drink soda - 20 correct responses is the required critical number for there to be 95% confidence

- Most people preferred the brand of soda that they last consumed References Meilgaard M, Civille, GV, Carr, BT. 2007. Sensory Evaluation Techniques. 4th Ed., CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Tepper, Beverly. 2012. Laboratory Handbook For Sensory Evaluation of Foods. New Brunswick, NJ.

PopSci [Internet]. Winter Park, FL: Doug Cantor; August 31, 2009 [Accessed 2012 December 5] Available from: http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2009-07/why-does-coke-glass-bottle-plastic-bottle-and-aluminum-can-taste-different Product of Coke INTRODUCTION Some notices that there are some variation in taste among aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles
Whether the significant difference really exists?
Whether it is just caused by a psychological effect of their soda-consumption rituals. Packaging play on important role on taste of food products
- Plastic bottles
- Glass bottles
- Aluminum can Which taste better???? Sample Products tested: Coca-Cola in glass bottles and Coca-Cola in plastic bottles

1. Fill in questionnaire form
2. Duo-trio test
- Reference sample A is Coca-Cola in glass bottles
- Two order of presentation: AB and BA (Sample B is Coca-Cola in plastic bottles)
3. Preference test
- Serve sample A and B in presentation order of AB or BA BALLOT FOR DUO-TRIO TEST
Name: ____________________
Date: ____________________
Please rinse with water before you begin and between samples.
Write down the numbers of the samples on your ballot in the order they are presented on the tray.

Taste the samples from left to right. (note: The left-hand sample is a Reference)

Determine which of the two numbered samples matches the Reference and circle the code number below.
You may re-taste the Reference as often as necessary.
Reference Code __R_ Code _____ Code _____
Comments:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BALLOT FOR PREFERENCE TEST
Name: ____________________
Date: ____________________

Please rinse with water before you begin and between samples.
Write down the numbers of the samples on your ballot in the order they are presented on the tray.

Taste the samples from left to right.
Please choose the sample that you prefer and circle the code number that sample.
You may re-taste both samples as often as necessary.

Sample ________ Sample _________

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