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Florida Ecosystem: Tropical Coral Reef

No description

Jennifer Roop

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Florida Ecosystem: Tropical Coral Reef

Tropical Coral Reef Florida Ecosystem : by: Aeisha & Jenny ddddddddddjjjjjjjj dd Brief Ecosystem Description Primary Producers zooxanthellae yellow green or yellow brown algae within the cells of other organisms phytoplankton Primary Producers under environmental conditions lakes coastal and swimming pools can have phytoplankton Primary Prooducers filamentous turf algae you will often find turf algae growing on rocks or dead coral Primary Producers coralline algae Coralline Algae are in all of the world oceans such as the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean. Primary Producers Seaweed while brown seaweed is native to the Florida ecosystem it has become over populated and is killing the colorful coral reef Primary Consumers Zooplankton Zoo plankton drift through bodies of water like the ocean. They come in many sizes from so small you can't see them to large Jellyfish. Primary Consumers Benthic Grazers benthic grazer is somthing that lives on the bottom of the ocean floor. It includes things like sponges, bivalves and marine gastetropods Primary Consumers sea urchins sea urchins are small spiky creatures that live on the bottom of the sea. Primary Consumers sea turtle turtles have a heart shaped shell and can weigh up to 440 pounds and the length of about 4 feet long Secondary Consumers plankton feeders barnacles sun polyps coral Damselfish whale shark Gorgonians Secondary Consumers Corallivores coral guard crabs butterfly fish crown of thorns sea star Secondary Consumers benthic invertebrate feeders goatfish shrimp lobster tigerfish ter tertiary consumers top of the food chain seals sharks barcudas moray eels dolphin pelican The End The End Food Web The ecosystem coral reef is very colorful,but is a system with a particular balance. The seaweed have become over populated by lack of consumers which is damaging the coral reef. If the coral are damaged the secondary and tertiary consumers are at risk of losing their food source as well.
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