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LIS 6010: Introduce Yourself

No description

Maria Nuccilli

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of LIS 6010: Introduce Yourself

- Graduated in 2010 with a BA in Honors English from Wayne State University, Irving D. Reid Honors College, Detroit, MI
- Focused undergraduate studies on Critical Theory and Contemporary Folklore
- Researched & wrote a 30-page thesis regarding the establishment of unique online communities, titled "Developing Digital Culture: The White Stripes, Fans and Folk Life on the Little Room Message Board"
- Minor in Fine Art with an emphasis on drawing & painting
I designed my introduction with images that tell a story. This page is decorated with pictures and knickknacks that you'd be sure to find around my house. Hopefully it'll give you a fun glimpse into my life and where I come from!
I'm the Store Manager at Regeneration, a buy/sell/trade resale shop specializing in current & vintage clothing for men and women. People can bring clothing they no longer wear in for same-day cash or store credit. The fast pace always keeps me on my toes, & I love getting to be the first to see all the vintage pieces that come in!
I used to work in the gallery at Pewabic Pottery, a legendary Detroit production pottery founded in 1903. I loved being able to work at such a historic place ... and it's also where I met my boyfriend!
And this...
... and these are Pewabic too!
This is a handpainted Pewabic tile depicting a scene from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"...
When I'm not at work or at school, I enjoy listening to records, reading vintage magazines, collecting Catholic iconography, working on art projects, cooking, and running.
I also play drums in a few bands! I've been playing drums since I was 14.
- My hometown is Grosse Pointe Farms, but since high school I've moved a lot locally. I've lived in Midtown, Ferndale & Hamtramck, and live in Hazel Park now!
- Libraries are in my blood! My grandma was the school librarian at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Detroit through the 70s.
- Writing is my passion, and though I love all types of literature, I prefer to both read and write non-fiction
- Within the LIS program, I plan to focus on Archives & Digital Content Management
A few facts about me:
Hi, I'm Maria! I'm on the left... next to me is Neil, my boyfriend!
It's great to meet you & I can't wait to learn more about all of you as our class progresses... Thanks for looking!
education & career goals
team goals
Topic #7: Digital Preservation of Information
Topic #8: Impact of E-readers and Publishing on Libraries
Topic #10: Maker Spaces and Information Agencies
Regarding project topics, I have an open mind, but am also interested in the following topics... please get in touch if you share an interest!
- Attention to detail
- Positive attitude
- Timeliness
- I love writing and editing
- I am a hard worker and always give 100%!!
What I Bring a Team
- Passion for topic
- Positive attitude
- Gets work done on time!
- Focused
- Well thought-out research
My Dream Team
I credit my experiences with art, music, literature & fashion with sparking my interest in the library profession, specifically areas related to archives. I also find joy in organizing and cataloging information! Though I am specifically interested in pursuing work as an archivist (digital or otherwise) upon graduation, I am eager to learn more about the different sides of and roles in librarianship as a whole in LIS 6010!

My Interests & Goals
Thanks again for checking out my Introduction! Here's to a great semester!
-Maria Nuccilli
I have a number of dream jobs within the archival field; basically anything involving museums or anything art & literature related! As I continue on my graduate studies at Wayne, I look forward to learning more about possible career paths-- especially those involving digital content.
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