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Navigating the IEP

No description

Andi Thomas

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Navigating the IEP

Navigating the IEP
How to get to the IEP!
Navigating The Future IEP
How to Switch Students
Goals and PRs
The Future IEP
Use the Links
Use the Alpha Bar
The list of forms is in the same order as the list on your future IEP list.
Student Information Summary
Search by name
Or search by looking at your entire caseload
Single Page
Go back to the list of future IEP forms
Check your words
Only there if you are case manager and student is eligible
Attachment types:
Current and History
Pop-Up Blockers
Batch Print
Add a new goal
Edit or print the goal
Delete the goal
Go to the progress report
On the progress report you cannot edit the goal
The current is the only IEP where you can do the amendment process.
You can still add attachments to any historical IEP.
History at a Glace
Make sure they are off to print out IEP pages
Use Search for Students
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