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Hero by Mike Lupica

For DEAR project due Monday 28 January 2014

Numair Latif

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Hero by Mike Lupica

Elements of Plot:
Zach realizes that the plane crash was no accident because of the fact that no bodies were found at the crash site. He travels to the scene to find a mysterious old man who tells him he has powers. The man called himself "Mr.Herbert" and said he knew Zach's father very well. Zach didn't believe the man until with the power of his mind he transported to Madison Square Garden in downtown NYC.
Elements of Plot: Exposition
Zach Harriman is the son of presidential advisor, Tom Harriman. Tom Harriman travels all around the world doing special/secret missions fighting terrorists and the other "bads" of the world.
Elements of Plot:
Rising Action

Zach Harriman races home from school to find his family mourning at his house. He looked around and didn't see his dad who was supposed arrive that day. His mom then proceeded to tell Zach that his father died in a plane crash. This breaks Zach, who goes and locks himself in his room.
Character Analysis
Zach Harriman (protagonist) -
Zach is a 14 year old boy who inherits powers from his father. At first, he was doubtful that he was special but after a mysterious old man (Mr.Herbert) showed him, he was not. He now vows to protect normal people from the "bads" around the world.
Mr. Herbert (protagonist)
- He was the 1st to tell Zach about his super powers and his tools to shape the world free from danger. His motive is to inform and prepare Zach for his duties to "save" the world. He sets out to teach Zach until one day, he is shot. While dying, Mr.Herbert reveals to Zach that he is his grandfather leaving Zach clueless.
Bads (antagonist[s])
- A mysterious group of people set out to destroy the world by doing horrific acts of violence upon them. Their full motive is unclear as the book is mostly about Zach and his newly gained powers.
by Mike Lupica

Elements of Plot:
Falling Action
Mr. Herbert teaches him how to use the powers that were transferred from his father to him. Zach learns how to sense bad people with ease. Zach uses his powers to save a NY senator from a shooter during a rally. But as he saved the senator the stray bullet hit Mr. Herbert.
Elements of Plot:
Zach Harriman becomes a public hero because of what he did to save the senator. But he still has to do one thing, avenge his father's death by keeping the world safe from "bads". He vowed to.
The theme of this story is resilience and courage. In the book, Zach was knocked down by the news of his father's death. He then proceeded to get back up and find the courage to research his father. After learning of his powers, Zach fearlessly saved the senator from near death. He wasn't scared one bit.
Zach comes home from school to hear that his father died in a plane crash. The crash was mysterious as no bodies were found. When he traveled to the crash site he met Mr.Herbert who told him that he had powers. Zach had doubts and so did his dad's best friend, "Uncle" John. Mr.Herbert proceeded to train Zach in using his powers efficiently and to stop criminals with them. Mr.Herbert gave Zach a series of tests to see whether he was "ready" for fighting the "bads". After a few months, Mr.Herbert concurred that Zach was finally ready. At a rally for a NY senator, Zach sensed a that something bad was about to occur. He spotted a gunman who was about to kill the senator until Zach saved him by diving into him. But in the process, Mr.Herbert was shot and dying on the side of a tree. As he was about to die, he revealed to Zach that he was actually his grandfather. He vowed to avenge Mr.Herbert and his dad by fighting off all the bads using the training that Mr.Herbert gave to him.

Book Trailer by PenguinYoungReader
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