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On the Road to Pursuing God at Davis

No description

Matthew Essigmann

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of On the Road to Pursuing God at Davis

On the Road to Pursuing God at Davis
Davis College Pursuing God
You can study a wide rage of Biblical topics at Davis do not knock our size until you see our wide range of majors.
Campus Life
What is there to do on campus?
Ways to Learn at Davis College
Different ways to Learn
Pastoral Studies
Great for guys who want to teach and lead the future Church. You can concentrate in Biblical Languages or Bible Expositions. While there are electives in Urban Ministries and Church Planting.
Biblical Counseling
Want to help people, but you are not sure how? You can learn how to help people through their trials in a Biblical way, and you can emphasize in General, Marriage and Family, or Social Work.
Youth Ministries
Do you feel like your call is working with today's youth and lead them to Christ? Our Youth Ministries is the place for you.
Organizational Leadership
A born leader or a person who wants to learn how to lead? We can show you the Biblical steps for Leadership and how to be a Godly Leader.
Teaching English as a Second Language
What an awesome field to go into. Teaching English is a foreign culture is a great gateway to lead people to Jesus. There is also a one year certificate program for this major
International Ministry
Have the call to go into International Missions? We can help to get you prepared before you go off into the field. You can concentrate on Cross-Cultural or Translation.
Four plus One Elementary Education
Want to learn how to teach? You can be equipped to be a great teacher through our BRE program. Your options are Early Childhood or Elementary Education.
One Year Bible Certificate
Not sure what you want to do in life? In this program you can get a year of solid Biblical Teaching while you figure out your calling.
Two year Associates Degree in Applied Science in Bible/Theology
Want an even more solid foundation in the Bible this degree is for you!
Music/Worship Leader
You learn how to engage people in worship via music.
Small Campus no problem
With an engaging student body there is a lot things to do, but there are regular campus activities
We have offer quite a few sports. Like Men Soccer, Women Volleyball, and Men and Women Basketball. We also offer co-ed intramural Soccer and Volleyball as well. Also our Student Body is willing to play pick up games in their busy schedules.
Gym Membership
All of our on campus residents are offered a free membership to the Riverwalk Athletic Club. Where there are free weights, machines, cardio, a pool, hot tub, and fitness classes.
Broadway Cafe
Maybe exercise is not for you. You might really like coffee. We have an awesome coffee shop where you can work on homework or just hang out with friends with a nice cup of coffee.
Besides getting your textbooks our Bookstore offers a wide variety of merchandise like books, cds, and varies Davis related things.
No college is complete without a library. Whether you are studying with friends, by yourself, or looking for books for a research project you will find what you need at the Library.
Fellow Students
We are a fun bunch but that does not mean we do not have our moments...and a overheard page on Facebook.
Our Teaching Staff is amazing!!! Although you cannot help but wonder if they are planning to make sure all of their assignments are due at once....very suspicious
The Susquehanna River
We are near the beautiful Susquehanna River. However it has been know to have odd happenings every so often.
On Campus
Like any other college you can stay on our campus or commute.
Our online school helps you to get your credits fast and helps if you are in a middle of a transition.
Teaching Websites or LAUNCH
These two options are great for highschool students looking for college credit. With either program you can earn credits towards our Majors and reduce your overall college costs.
Buildings on Campus
Phillp's Hall
Men's Apartment (Junior and Seniors)
Patterson Hall
Male Dorms
Clements Hall
Girl's Apartments, Same rules apply
Girl's Dorms, main building, dining room as well
Done with classes!!!!
Our Second Campus
This Campus is not done yet, but it is hopefully coming in the near future!
Students "STUDYING" in the Alumni Lounge.
Our gym
Part of the Building




Davis College Pursing God
Post Office
Yes at Davis College, we have our own Zip Code!!!!!
Men's Dorm
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